Monday, June 27, 2011

Time out to respond to commenters

  1. The Sewing Lawyer loves getting comments so keep them coming!  
  2. In particular thanks to those of you who expressed an opinion as to whether she ought to be seen in public in a tunic and tights.  Even when you thought not.  (I did ask!)  I'm going with the majority and wearing them.
  3. Commenting on my husband's prowess as a thrift shopper, Jilly Be wondered if he has a brother who's single and her age.  Sorry...
  4. There was a question about the black pumps I was wearing to model my two dresses.  This made me laugh (and may have prompted my later observation that if you keep stuff long enough, it rolls back into style).  Those shoes were purchased in 1979 or so.  Maybe I should start wearing them for real again?
  5. Thimbles - leather ones with a metal tip?  I can't find any to match the mental image your description prompted in my mind.  I bought some like these once - they really didn't work (I have really small fingers).  There's a pattern on the Threads website for very snazzy ones. Clover seems to make two different ones (here and here).  I would worry about them being loose.  
  6. Last but not least, a comment this week on an old post asked about what fusible interfacings I recommend.  I'm really a bad person to ask because I stash interfacing, I buy almost all of it in Montreal or Toronto in stores where labels are non-existent or unreliable, and I have a habit of picking up new kinds whenever I see them.  I usually have no idea what the brand name of the interfacing I just used might be. That said, I can recommend Pam Erny's interfacing which is high quality and dependable, if you don't have access to my kind of sources.  Get her sample pack.  Even if you have a stock of great interfacing, you can't just assume one kind will work for all applications.  Test scraps (7-10cm or 3-4" square, or thereabouts) on your fashion fabric.  Try more than one kind.  See what they do to the hand and drape of your fabric.  Is it too crisp or stiff, or too limp?  


  1. Hmm, if you bought them in 1979 I bet they've been back in style twice ;).

  2. I have the same funky Clover thimbles: I removed their elastic and threaded my own through so it was tight enough. I like the thimble but need to get used to wearing one! Your tailor's thimble seems perfect, though.

    I like the tunic and leggings and think you look great :)

  3. Thank you for your 4th response regarding the shoes. I guess a classic shoe never goes out of style.

  4. like your posts , i will follow you :)