Saturday, June 11, 2011


What words ended that last post?  Something about Vogue 8718?  Oh yeah...  Well I lied changed my mind.  Only for a minute, you understand.  It was just a detour.  I'm still heading there.  Um.  Very soon.  Like maybe later today.

In the meantime, I am not sure exactly why, I started auditioning blouse fabrics with the extremely lightweight wool I have earmarked for Vogue 8718.  It's grey.

A grey summer suit?

Yes, it's grey.

But it's from stash.

I am NOT shopping for yet more fabric.

For this.  (I made an exception for the buy-one-get-two-free Bemberg lining sale at Fabricland today ... and the black and light khaki coloured pantweight fabric for capris and/or summer-weight jeans on the same sale.)

And it's extremely lightweight.

And I don't want to use linen because I'm worried about those crazy sleeves wrinkling and not being able to do a darned thing about it.

It will be good in the warm parts of spring and fall too.

It's a good neutral.

It will go with lots of things.

So there.  I'm making a grey summer suit!


In the meantime, I was auditioning blouse fabric and I came across this little piece of rayon crepe that I picked up for next to nothing a few years back at the Fabric Flea Market.  The print has a definite Japanese influence and the repeat is huge.  I loved the print with the grey suiting.  But I only had a little bit - not even the full width and less than 1 metre.  Hmmmm what could I get out of this tiny scrap?

Enter this pattern from the November, 2007 edition of Burda World of Fashion.

So simple.

Takes SO little fabric.

I was lucky too, because I could cut so as to spread the entire crazy motif pleasingly across the front.  The back is a little less pleasing.  Or maybe just more ordinary looking.

As you can see from the line drawing, the shaping is provided by tucks that release at top and bottom in the front.  The back has 2 vertical darts that release at the bottom in a similar way.  It's not exactly a ruffle.  It should function as a subtle echo of the not-exactly-ruffled peplum of the Vogue 8718 jacket.

If you should have this edition of WOF and think of making this, I warn you that the neckline is extremely wide/deep.  I added approximately 2.5cm on all neckline edges and it isn't exactly closed-in even now.

Also, that back zipper is necessary if you are not using a knit for this top.

Off I go to contemplate Vogue 8718.  Really.


  1. I totally understand buying Bemberg at the buy one get two free price. How could you leave the store without stocking up on a few colors right?! :)

    The top is very pretty and I like how all of the interest is in the front!

    Diary of a Sewing Fanatic
    (because Blogger won't let me sign in!)

  2. I love the top, and that "crazy pattern" is totally charming.

    I have a question though: The zip looks pretty short on the pattern drawing, and the v-neck looks wide enough to get your head through but my problem would be to get my shoulders, arms, and head through the semi-fitted rib area.
    Did you use a short zipper or a longer one or is the shorter zip adequate?

    I'm planning on a summer top tomorrow and it too is a bit fitted but with only a short zip. I'm seriously thinking of putting in the whole 22" version.
    It will also be my first invisible zip!!

  3. Cute top - who can blame you for swaying from your plan for this! I love the print, and think it will go perfectly with a grey summer suit! I think light grey is fine for summer as long as you give it a splash of colour.

  4. Lovely top! It'll be a nice accent to your suit.

  5. That top is such a little piece of fabric and relatively quick make that it hardly counts as a detour. Just a speed bump, right? Love the fabric, and how it looks so different but related front and back.

  6. That is absolutely the most wonderful print-and perfect for the top you chose. Lovely results.

  7. I love a pattern that will turn a remnant into a garment. Your top looks great, with excellent fit.

  8. I wear grey in summer all the time! Cute top. Will go lovely with the grey

  9. Kay...that blouse is SO pretty, and looks lovely on you. Perfect fabric and design pairing!

  10. Wow! I love that blouse - the fabric is fantastic - of course, I'm over the moon with any Japanese prints!!!

  11. Oh, I love the top. What a unique print to have found and what a perfect pattern to show it off.

  12. The top is fabulous and I am impressed that you were able to squeeze it out of such a pretty fabric.

    (because Blogger won't let me sign in!)

  13. Grey works great for summer, especially with pale pink and white--think Parisian!

  14. Cute top. I'll remember this for a remant. Though, it doesn't need to be a remnant ;)
    Love the fabric you used for it.

  15. Lovely top! I also think that suit your going to make is just great. Can't wait to see that!

    and Grey is one of my favorite colors for clothing!

  16. Stunning fabric and perfect pattern to highlight it. I love the suit pattern, structured yet feminine.

  17. Quel beau tissu Kay. J'adore les lignes simples. avec un capri de soie noir et des sandales toute plates, ça serait magnifique.