Sunday, June 30, 2019

Still here! (and more from Japan)

Here are my kimono pants with a shirt (Jalie's Rose) made from the surprising lining from the same kimono.

Back pleat
Surprising because it's dark red cotton and the colour doesn't really figure in the fabric of the outer kimono. Also, it's the kind of broadcloth that  sticks to itself (so a surprising choice for lining anything). But waste not want not and I could and I did make another garment from the very inexpensive kimono.

The under collar is made from the kimono fabric - you can see it peeking out in the back view.

I've written about the Rose shirt pattern before and there is not much more to say about it. It's a great pattern and you should try it if you haven't already.

Then I made yet another version of the Bobbi top (also Jalie).

I now have three Bobbis. Click here for a look at the other two, if you forgot.

I bought the fabric at Tomato in Tokyo.

It's a panel print in (guessing) cotton/poly and the scale of the print is perfect for Bobbi. But the fabric is kind of stiff and doesn't have a lick of lycra in it. So it is NOT the type of fabric called for (a knit with fluid drape that does not stick to itself). For this reason, I used a stretchy white fabric (stash) for the inner facing instead of self fabric.The fashion fabric does sort of stick to the facing, but it's stiff enough that it doesn't matter very much. In the result it's quite a different sort of top from the other Bobbis I made.

I have a couple more Japanese sewing projects in mind but I've gotten out one of my knitting machines again so it may be a while later in the summer before I get to them.