Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome to 2012

This week I've read quite a few inspiring and (let's face it) intimidating wrap-ups of the year that just ended, sewing-wise.  I certainly can't compete with folks who report having made multiple garments per month.

I feel 2011 was the year of disjointed sewing.  Let's see if my impression is accurate.

Looking back on my posts for the year, I see that I managed to make quite a few things.  However, the total output was hardly an effective assault on The Sewing Lawyer's stash, or a coordinated production effort for her closet.

The year started well.  In January, month of new year's resolutions, my thoughts turned to physical activity.  I produced some exercise gear and my prize-winning bike jacket.  I wear all these garments a lot.

The theme for February was winter coats.  Plural.  Early in the month came the surprise resurrection of Burda 7731.  The rest of the month was devoted to my mink-on-the-inside version of Vogue 1083, which got a serious workout during my trip to Yellowknife

March saw me complete my leather jacket.  Which had been languishing unfinished since November of 2010.  This is another garment I wear constantly.  

April was an interesting sewing month.  I made a wool sheath dress to coordinate with my leather jacket, and I had a fantastic time in Chicago with sewing friends Patti, Liana, Ann, Nancy, and the members of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago.

In May, I reported in on a pair of lined wool pants.  Not only were they too warm once done, they're now too big.  I'm not complaining about having taken off a few pounds, mind you, just haven't steeled myself to unpicking that hand-sewn waistband...  More sensibly, I also made a couple of knit dresses.

Summertime.  A simple little sleeveless blouse took me far too long, after which my version of Vogue's knock-off of the Akris suit became a long term project that got sidelined while I got over being infatuated with Vogue 1250.  Phew!

All this is really good stuff.  But then ...  the sewing wheels fell off.

More off-season sewing.  I made a sleeveless summer dress and another knit dress that just didn't work in the fall.  Hopefully they'll come into their own next year.  Then came a pair of PJs, a couple of bras that are tantalizingly close to being really good, some storage units for my sewing room, and a batch of undies.  All perfectly OK, but nothing that made me feel I'd made anything really special.

My sewing momentum revived faintly in November with more sports clothes: my curling pants and pink Jalie top.  However December was a sewing bust.

Is it a coincidence that I picked up knitting in late fall?  Since early November I've made 3 hats, a scarf and most of a sweater.

So, looking ahead, what do I want to accomplish for 2012?

  1. I need to do more sewing.  
  2. I do not want to buy more fabric.  I have so much it's embarrassing.  I will sew the fabric I already own.  I really like it as fabric, but I think I'd like it even more as clothing.  
  3. I am going to make a work jacket.  Or two.  And nice dresses or separates to coordinate with them.  
  4. One of those jackets is going to be in leather.
  5. I want to integrate knitted pieces into my work and home wardrobes.  I foresee one or two knitted tops.  
That seems like a long enough list.  No doubt I'll get distracted.  

Happy New Year!


  1. Disjointed or not, Kay, you made some very impressive garments in 2011. Can't wait to see what comes out of your sewing room this year!

  2. Even though we get disappointed with our number of completed items, those that you have made are wonderfully executed and you have put the time in with toiles and getting the fit right which is a major time contributor. I look forward to seeing your creations in 2012.

  3. I have found your projects this year very inspiring - particularly the leather jacket and the vogue suit. I don't think numbers are a good measure of a successful sewing year.

  4. Congratulations - you did have a year of interesting project with quite a bit of character. I knew you lost weight! I can't wait to see what 2012 brings from you! And, I too am going to try to use my stash!

  5. ..more a case of focussing on quality than quantity it seems to me. That leather jacket is an inspiration to us all.

  6. Happy new year! Some lovely garments and obviously very useful ones as well. The leather jacket and the fancy sleeve one are fabulous :)

  7. It's quality, not quantity that counts, and you made some really wonderful pieces in the last year. Your coat and leather jacket are absolutely amazing!

  8. I think you were impressively productive! All those big projects, jackets and coats and such. I'm such a sucker for the instant gratification. I like your goals for the year--best wishes for 2012!

  9. Happy New Year !
    What an interesting recap. You have made some fabulous pieces.
    Good luke for 2012.