Tuesday, February 27, 2018


While sewing I generate lots of trimmed edges, cut threads and general fluff and I need a handy receptacle to keep them off the floor. I have a cloth bag that sits under my serger to catch the edges but otherwise I've been using a basket lined with a plastic bag. It sits on the floor and tends to retreat deep under my sewing table where it is inaccessible and this has been bugging me. Also, it's stationary and I move around, clipping threads and trimming seams here and there.

I saw this item at Lee Valley tools. It's a plastic bucket that slips into a neoprene sleeve which fastens to a belt with clips of some kind. It's supposed to be used in the garden.

But I balked at the price ($31.50).

Today I was at the dollar store and I spotted this cute plastic basket for a tiny bike. (Barbie!)

I threaded a thin belt through the plastic strips that are supposed to attach it to handlebars.

Saved $27.50.

It also came with streamers, but I can't quite figure out how to attach them. 


  1. You made me smile. Thanks!
    Joanne from Montreal

  2. Great idea! The streamers probably go on the handlebars! Ha ha

  3. Or on the dress form's arm stumps?

  4. I believe hot glue is the typical way to attach decorations to pasties ;)

  5. I never thought that I would ever type these words, but I need a Barbie bicycle basket. Saved $27.50... Love this post!