Wednesday, February 7, 2018

New mittens!

I do love machine knitting. So fast. So satisfying (when it goes according to plan). As it did for this project in the last couple of days.

I used a pattern that is free on Ravelry - Fully Fashioned Machine Knit Mittens.

My quick assessment is that this is a pretty good pattern, but if (when) I make these again I will do it circularly. It was a royal pain to have to seam these - up the thumb and side of the mitten hand, then from the wrist edge to the lower edge of the thumb. And grafting the finger end.

Conjoined twin mitten!
And it had to be done twice because these mittens are lined with an exact copy of themselves! You knit the outer layer and then rehang the wrist edge and knit the lining down. And there were about a million ends from both the inner and outer layers and the waste yarn and it was confusing ... and very black. Very bad for night-time sewing. But they came together really well.

I used black sock yarn (only 35g) for the outer mitten and a tiny bit of the pink/red which in turn was leftover from my very first socks. The lining is Woolike, a 100% acrylic yarn from Michaels. It's nice and soft. The finished mittens are thick and feel substantial. They would not block wind but will be good for some conditions, including when I'm skiing and my hands are really warm from my serious mittens but it's too cold to simply remove all hand covering.

I wonder what I'll do next?


  1. They look lovely! Ye for mitaines!

  2. These mittens look like they would be very fun to wear. What a nice idea to fully line the inside. Thank you for the link to the free pattern. I plan to try these out soon!

  3. Great looking mittens! I have a question...what kind of bulky yarn machine do you have? I have inherited a Bond from my sister's estate, along with a ton of yarn (and all her other fabric and quilting stashes) , but I am wondering if it is worth learning to use. I see so many lovely things on your blog, I was just wondering about your opinion on this.
    Barb from Prince George.

    1. My bulky machine is a Singer 151, I think that’s the number. It is a basic machine. I have head mixed reviews about the Bond but you should try it!