Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More jeans, blue this time

Another pair of the Morgan jeans pattern has tumbled off my sewing table.

These ones are blue denim, with very little stretch. The fabric  is considerably beefier than my last pair. Otherwise, they are identical, right down to the crazy print I used on the pockets and waistband facing.

Staving off the questions, I bought this fabric many years ago from an on-line shop called Wazoodle, which was originally in Canada. There is still a site with this name that may be the successor but it is now in the US and I'm not sure if it is the same business. The denim was marketed as originating with Levis and I bought a lot of it. There is only enough left for a pair of kids jeans. I'll sock it away just in case.

I used classic yellow jeans topstitching thread, so the traditional jeans details show up.

They should last the next 10 years...


  1. Ahhh ... I miss the original Wazoodle. :-( Your jeans look great! I'm about to make myself a pair too, if I can get off the procrastination wagon.

  2. Love the name of the store.
    Your jeans look fantastic. Not too tight & not too loose & not baggy in the caboose. Pocket placement looks great too.
    One of these days I'll find the perfect denim & color & make a pair too.
    Becca G

  3. Nice!! I think finding good denim is the hardest part of jean making. These look great.

    It’s always sad when a beloved store goes under. :(

  4. Perfect pair of jeans. A good reminder I do have some denim fabric I had plans to sew jeans from. Maybe this spring.

  5. Thank you for posting this. I was considering the Morgan jeans pattern as most jean patterns I've seen look to be tighter than I like to wear them. Yours look perfect.

    Marie D