Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Knitted lace and vote on my next project!

I finished another lace shawl this week. The pattern is called Just One of Those Things (why???) and while I quite like the finished product, I've decided I like more texture in a hand-knitted shawl. Otherwise, I'd rather haul out a machine...

This lace is kind of flat. The stitches move around but in two dimensions. Click on the photo to the right and you will see them in greater detail. There actually is a 3 stitch cable in three rows (two of them are in a line just above the points) but at least in this yarn, they don't really stand out.

The yarn is a mix - 49% wool, 34% mohair, 11% nylon (technically it's a sock yarn), 4% acrylic and 2% silk. The mohair means the shawl is very light, decidedly non-drapey and a little hairy, and maybe it wasn't the best choice for this pattern. But I do like the finished project.

The pattern was fun to knit because it consisted (once the plain base was done) of 23 completely different lace rows with plain purl rows between them. Now I'm looking at other lace shawl patterns.

Which of these do you like the best? Tell me why in a comment!

1. Echo Flower Shawl
Echo Flower

Pro - gorgeous texture, and it's free! No beads (nupps are so much nicer!).

Con - triangular, not my favourite shape. A Raveller has figured out how to make it into a sort-of crescent but her version used 800m of yarn. The pattern itself calls for 440-880m, which would require an annoyingly small amount more than 1 skein of sock yarn (100g). On the other hand I have some lace-weight in the right amount. 

2. Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams

Pro - wonderfully spiky, already a crescent, many variations are possible, including designer-sanctioned choice to omit all beads. Could be made out of 100g of sock yarn.

Con - a relatively expensive paid pattern since I have to buy an entire e-book to get it.

3. Dandelion on a Meadow

Dandelion on a Meadow
Pro - crisp lace, combination of textures, crescent shape. It can be made with 100g of sock weight yarn (350-400m).

Con - (maybe, maybe not) this is knitted from the bottom up rather than top down. I haven't made one this way before. Paid pattern.

4. Versailles

Pro - another spiky lace pattern from the same designer as Sweet Dreams. It's less expensive since it's available as a single pattern. It could be made from 100g of sock yarn.

Con - A paid pattern. Although you can't really tell from the photo, the lace pattern doesn't vary much as the shawl progresses, so might be less captivating to knit. And is it too baroque for The Sewing Lawyer?

Excuse me while I go diving in my yarn stash.


  1. Is it wrong that (given the same color yarn) they all look pretty much the same to me when worn (which is quite pretty but still the same effect). So my vote is for the one that would be the most fun knit to knit and then the pattern that pleases you the most - in that order.

    I feel like once I throw one of these around my shoulders, they look the same to the general public too. It also doesn't bother me to pay for a pattern but it does get me to consider the project a little more carefully.

    1. Ah, but I'm not dressing for the general public - they don't look the same to other knitters, who notice (and often comment).

  2. First off you made a very pretty scarf I like the way the yarn is smooth & tight closer to your neck then gets lacey as it moves out
    I like the sweet dreams pattern & think it looks awesome if you made it in green it would look like ferns or in silver it would look like a spiderweb.
    Are there other patterns in the ebook or just that one?
    How many variations can you make? Are they different enough so it would be like having a few patterns?
    Also can you make these bigger so they cover more of your body like a real shawl not just a scarf type thing?

    1. Thank you! There are 5 patterns in the ebook but Sweet Dreams is the only one that speaks to me. It's a conundrum. Yes you can make these bigger, but I like the shawlette size.

  3. What a pretty scarf! I like to knit shawls with texture and more complicated too. Not one you mention but worth looking at are shawls by LaceEater. I made Seafog and currently working on another one. Texture and lace combined.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! I like the shawls you have made (checked them on Rav...) And that LaceEater Minarets & Lace pattern!!! Wow, might have to move that up in my list too.

  4. I love your scarf. I have made a few scarves from Victorian lace today, which you may be able to find at the library. There is also an interesting book on Estonian lace knitting that’s a bit more three dimensional. Hope you are enjoying your crafty vacation.

  5. Love your scarf. You are one talented sewing lawyer!

  6. The Sweet Dreams is the most eye-grabbing of all your lovely picks, and life is too short not to splurge on a special pattern once in a while. The shawl that's been haunting my dreams is the Pincha on Ravelry, ever since I saw it made up in a furry sock yarn. Someday....

  7. Those shawls are all great but I really like the sweet dreams. I’ve made a Boo knits shawl before and it was lovely. Echo flower is my 2nd choice and would be very special in a mohair mix.

  8. If you prefer the "spiky" edge, you could add a picot bind off to a crescent shawl of your choice. Another way to add visual interest to knitted lace is by using thinner yarn and/or thicker needles. The variety of densities adds texture in a unique way.