Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why I keep old Burda magazines

Too pointy!

I started to tackle the Sharon pattern (at left) from Bra-Makers Supply and I can already tell that the cup design is just not me.

Exhibit A.  My padded-out duct tape double is not precisely me, but close enough.  Erm.

I pinned the wires in place for these pictures so the cup would maintain its shape.  It sure does.  It's shape isn't mine.

So to plan B.

One of my favorite old Burdas is from June, 1996.  This issue included some great summer clothes (including the long tunic-shirt I showed you here)  but it also had a great lingerie section, including 2 bodysuits (one also doubles as a swimsuit) and a boned bustier.  All in all there are patterns for three different styles of seamed cup garments in this single issue.  Bonanza!

Bodysuits from 1996-06 issue
And I had made the swimsuit before, and remembered being pretty impressed with the fit of the cups.

Against my better instincts I'm posting a picture.

The fabric was a border print, nylon and lycra.  Purchased at the late-lamented Textile Outfitters store in Calgary.  I remember it was fun figuring out how to use the border print on the cups.  Putting the upper cup on a gold stripe meant that I ignored the grain line on the pattern.  I did not use wires although the pattern is perfect for them.  I like the wide straps which are pleated into the extension of the upper cup.

Sadly, the elastic in this suit has disintegrated but I'm glad I kept it for today's examination.  I like the line of the seam in this cup much better than the more horizontal Sharon seam.  And it's not pointy.

I think I'll just sub the Burda cups into the Sharon band.  Why wouldn't this work?  The Sharon pattern is designed for low or no-stretch cups and the Burda is designed for stretch fabric, but the cups are lined so they are reasonably firm.  I don't think it should matter.  I cut the Sharon cups out of Duoplex, a fabric included in the bra kit which, I have to say, is the most hideous stuff ever.  I have some lovely stretchy satin in pink in my stash.  


  1. You look fab in the pictures so have no regrets about posting it! Substituting the cups is an interesting experiment...I'm sure you will share the finished bra for us even if it's on your dressform! *smile*

  2. Great suit! I have made one of the Bramakers patterns and I didn't like it either. Very dowdy design. You're right, you can get more cleavage with a more vertical seam. Try some of the Dutch bra patterns (I've written about a lot of them on my blog...)

  3. I love the bra cups on your suit,they fit beautifully and look comfortable!!!

  4. Sounds like a great plan! Love the suit, and as you know, I've been copying a couple of RTW bras instead of using the Sewy pattern I bought, and have been very happy. Starting from something that already is a success means you're so much further down the road than if you started from scratch. There's no prize for extra work and suffering, so why do it? :)

  5. Oh I wish I pose so successfully in so little! I think you plan will work.

  6. Kay, I can't wait to see how this comes out. Sounds like a great plan to combine the two patterns. I see a TNT bra in your future. (Didn't know I can predict the future, did you?)