Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stash augmentation

So I have long been involved in organizing the Fabric Flea Market.  Annually since 1995.  In addition to being a great fund-raiser, it's a stash transfer tool.  We give the stash-busting vendors, most of whom have reached SABLE*, a way to recoup some of their investment from stash-building purchasers.

Maybe some of the purchasers don't realize that they, too, have reached SABLE.

Like me.  I'm still in denial.

Without further ado:  my haul from yesterday.

Starting small:  stretch lace, elastic of various kinds, including plush picot elastic & strap elastic for more bra-sewing.  Also, tiny bows and flowers for lingerie-decorating.

That's a roll of dark navy grosgrain ribbon at the bottom.  It's rayon and wonderfully moldable with steam and heat, for facing waistbands and other behind-the scenes uses.

A really interesting wool (maybe a blend) woven with texture and stretch; crinkle rayon print; silk burnout (with white paper behind to show the pattern).

Nylon/lycra for workout clothes; 100% poly swimsuit fabric; silk crepe  with zig-zag design; amazing coppery raincoat fabric; silk chiffon sari, with ombre border print.

Two stretch mesh prints; teal/brown viyella; wool/silk dress fabric (shirtdress?); more raincoating (the true colour is more turquoise).

Wool winder to turn 100% cashmere repurposed yarn and hand-spun, hand-dyed black mohair with wool/acrylic blend yarn into neat, usable balls.

There seem to be some colour themes developing.   I knew about the brown and teal, and of course the orange, but the pink is a surprise to me.

What did you do yesterday?

*SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy 


  1. Great additions to your collection (I refuse to say, 'stash.')

  2. Cannot believe you bought more fabric. Oh my !

  3. with envy. Lovely fabrics and I will enjoy watching them be used.

  4. You have some lovely pieces, can't wait to see the finished projects !

    Umm, I don't say stash either - but whatever you call it, if you account for the time it takes me to sew anything up I've likely reached SABLE as well. I suspect I'm in good company.

    Luckily, yesterday only added 4 pieces to my 'collection' LOL It was a great day overall and I'll definitely go back again.

    Geez - I wish I knew why sometimes I can comment with my google account and why sometimes it's just stubborn !

  5. I see by clicking further on the pictures that you are ready for more bras. Patient friend that you are.

  6. Sure wish I could've been there! Alas, a family funeral got in the way :( I'm sad (understandably) and green (with envy), and hoping you'll give the FFM at least another turn!

  7. You certainly picked up some lovely pieces.

  8. Great haul! What a great idea for stash transfer!