Sunday, March 29, 2020

Necessary under-layer

I really needed a little camisole to wear under my new silk shirt. The Iconic Patterns Sammy Cami, only $2.00 AUD, fit the bill.

Making this was a huge relief after struggling with shifty silk chiffon, I can tell you! I used navy cotton/lycra jersey (I have a lifetime supply of this...).

The second and subsequent versions of this little cami will be quicker since with this one, I figured out the sizing (blending from 10 to 12 at hips) and the length of the straps. I found that I wanted my straps much shorter than they would have been if I had followed the instructions. Also, I used some fold over elastic from stash for the straps and binding under the arms rather than the cut strips of self-fabric.

This is a really useful pattern that I will make again (when the fabric stores are open again for fold over elastic purchases, that is).


  1. This is cute and so practical. has lots of fold over elastic in many colours. They are a Canadian online store. Just in case you need an emergency load of elastic

  2. Very cute. Fabric fairy also has many colors of fold over elastic. Outside Madison, wi irl but has a website