Monday, August 10, 2015

New Look 6470 ca 2005

The Sewing Lawyer is a bit late to this party. New Look 6470 was published in 2005 but it's still in print on the Simplicity website, so it's an oldie but a goodie, as they say. A two piece knit outfit - skirt and top (2 views). Easy. Just the ticket.

It seems fitting that the last fabric in (purchased in Montreal at our July meetup) has been made into this well-aged pattern.

It's also fitting that I used this easy pattern to get reacquainted with my Janome Coverstitch machine. I'm a little embarrassed to confess that we didn't bond instantly. However, this pattern helped me to get past my unease.

Look! An almost perfect coverstitched hem!

Deeper cowl facing attached at shoulder and
arm opening
I made the cowl neck top and improved the pattern by extending the cowl facing (which was really skimpy and would forever have been flipping out) so it is about 10cm (4") deep. It's sewn to the arm opening at the sides, so it's very secure.

I also improved on the pattern by cutting strips of fabric on the lengthwise grain to stabilize the back neck and armscye openings. This is such a vast improvement over the pattern instructions to turn the seam allowances under and topstitch. In this very stretchy knit I think the strips are 80% or even less of the length of the openings. I didn't measure, just pulled until it seemed about right.

The skirt has an elastic waistband. I made a loop, serged the elastic to the top of the skirt after taking about 2.5cm (1") off the top to make sure it would be the right length since I didn't want to do a hem. Then I turned the elastic over and coverstitched.

What else? I cut a size 10 for the top and 14 for the skirt. Who needs tight clothes? Not me!

Sadly this is a soft rayon knit so the outfit won't last all that long, but it took a day to make the two pieces and I am no longer scared of my coverstitch. I call that a win!


  1. The Janome comes with Schmetz EL x 705 needles, but they don't tell you that you will get better results in knits if you use the ballpoint needle especially in the smaller size needle. I started using the size 14 because of skipped stitches, but since I change to the size 12 ELX705 SUK needles I haven't had that problem.
    That said, this looks great on you! Very pretty summery dress.

  2. Very pretty, and I like all your improvements. Sometimes they try to make it a little too 'easy', and it ends up not being what one would expect.

  3. Oh yes a pretty set. I too was scared of the coverstitch and kept putting it off until it was serviced (I got it 2nd hand) and then I got it serviced and waited another 6 months... once I started, it's pretty easy after getting the weird thread cutting. I still have some trouble with threads breaking but it's probably the tension.

  4. So comfy and summery.

    How did you attach the strips? Did you double them, sew them to the outside, and then turn to the inside?

  5. very pretty. I just bought that pattern this week, for the other top. nice to see the skirt sewn up, I might have to try that as well.