Friday, August 14, 2015

Lace (?) jeans

Yes that is my latest V1440 shirt
Well, they look like lace. However, the fabric is actually a cotton-lycra twill. Pretty standard stuff, but the print mimics black lace, as you can see at right. I thought it was kind of fun.

Back view - spot the pockets?
This is the Jalie jeans pattern ... again. Why not, once you know they will fit (if you remember to think while constructing the waistband)? Although I did buy the new Éléanore pull on jeans pattern last week and I'll have to give it a try too.

As usual, I used a firm (non-stretch) woven cotton fabric for the pocket bag and to face the waistband, to reduce bulk. This fabric was left over from some particularly spectacular pajamas.

My sole innovation on these was to add a little button with loop so I can fold these up. I really wanted pedal pushers but I also really wanted long pants. This way, I got both! We'll see if it's a good idea as I wear these...


  1. Love the pants! Great idea to have two-in-one. Keeping me inspired, thanks!!

  2. Wow! You continually amaze me. Wonderful pants -- and great shoes!! Sexy!

  3. They do look like lace! great! Anxious to see your version of the pull on jeans--keep meaning to buy that pattern but haven't yet.

  4. Really, why make any other jeans when these fit you so well. Fabulous.

  5. Great jeans! And version 2 of the top is looking pretty good!

  6. That button was a PERFECT idea! Very creative!

  7. Very stylish. I love these with your new V1440 shirt. Great outfit!