Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wool/lycra jersey "twinset"

A few posts back, I mentioned that I had sewed a top and cardigan, and teased you with a picture of the back of the top and a mangled photo of the cardigan.

So here they are again.

The cardigan started life as this wrap blouse from the February, 2009 issue of Burda Magazine.  Hard to believe, no?

I used the back and sleeves as Burda intended but added a swingy front and a shawl collar that folds over in front.

As for the matching top, it's Jalie 2682 which I think I have made 4 times now.  I would have made sleeves but I ran out of fabric.

So far I think the two pieces together with my orange skirt are too matchy-matchy, but I might change my mind.

I'll end with a teaser:  The wrap blouse is about to make another appearance, in a form more closely resembling Burda's vision, but not exactly.


  1. Your skirt and tops look great--as do those buff arms.

    I used Jalie 2682 as the basis for a cascade cardigan for my daughter. So far, I still haven't sewn the pattern as intended. But yours looks so good, I may have to move it up in the queue.

  2. Very nice top and I love that skirt. I have yet to attempt it. I learned a lot about your skirt from your review and here.

  3. Gorgeous cardi and I like the top too. Interesting how you changed that burda top to your own design. I love doing that too.

  4. The top is absolutly great! and combining it with this cardingan and skirt - it warks perfect!

  5. thanks for sharing this Jalie 2682 top - I have already made 2 of them - I love them. Very simple to make and so nice to wear. Only this weather has to change for better...;-)