Saturday, January 12, 2013

A look back at 2012, and sewing goals for 2013

The annual January look back at what was accomplished in the past year seems compulsory for sewing bloggers.  Maybe it keeps us honest.  Around this time last year, I see that I set some goals for The Sewing Lawyer:

  1. I need to do more sewing.  
  2. I do not want to buy more fabric.  I have so much it's embarrassing.  I will sew the fabric I already own.  I really like it as fabric, but I think I'd like it even more as clothing.  
  3. I am going to make a work jacket.  Or two.  And nice dresses or separates to coordinate with them.  
  4. One of those jackets is going to be in leather.
  5. I want to integrate knitted pieces into my work and home wardrobes.  I foresee one or two knitted tops. 

How did I do?

More sewing:  Fail.

It would be too depressing to actually count the number of completed garments.  So I won't.

Part of the explanation is that I shed approximately 10 pounds and a few inches in 2012.  This led to (a) lots of altering things I had made in the past (sewing to preserve rather than create wardrobe items) and (b) having to learn how to fit the new me.  I'll spare you any more complaints.

On the plus side, I really like the pieces I finished in 2012.  Big faves are my tweedy bouclé jacket, my turquoise dress, and my black ponte knit pants.  Oh, and my black wool dress with the zipper up the back.  Some of these styles were much easier for the smaller-hipped me to wear.

I am also very happy with my swimsuit and my goretex pants, although these are hardly fashion statements.

Less fabric:  Success.

I tried very hard to stay away from fabric stores in 2012.  I don't keep track of metres in or out but based on my possibly inaccurate recollection, I stayed pretty much on the wagon last year.

Coordinates and including knitted items:  Success.

The jacket I made in March looks great with both the dresses, and the two pairs of black pants I made in 2012.  I can also wear it with three of the four knitted tops I made during the year.  My favourite is the one at right, with the leaf yoke top coming in a close second.

Speaking of which, only one of my knitted tops (this one) is a style/colour orphan.  The rest of them have slotted into my wardrobe and get worn regularly, as does the cardigan I completed in January.

One big surprise for me in 2012 was that I started knitting socks.  Who would have thought?  I finished some yesterday and could not seem to help myself from starting another pair immediately.

Leather jacket:  Fail

 Need I say more?  Maybe in 2013...

And on that note, what should the rest of my goals be for the year?

  1. Write here more often.  I'm aiming at 5 posts per month. 
  2. Sew more.  Including more basics (jeans) and getting a well-fitting bra or two made.  
  3. Keep up with the coordinates.  I have a dress/jacket combination or two in mind, and the fabric for them, which makes me add...
  4. Sew the good stuff from my stash, instead of "saving" it.  Unless I have something specific to "save" it for, that is.  
Wish me luck!


  1. Still love that jacket on you - good luck with the goals in 2013!

  2. Your creations are perfection, IMHO. I can only hope to be as accomplished a sewist as you. You seem to have fit, style and technique all down to a science. :) Thank you for sharing it all via your blog.

  3. Good luck I always enjoy seeing what you make.

  4. Very honest, Kay! And I love your resolutions for this year. I love that sweater you made. I hope you get tons of use out of it. And I understand the sock fascination. I too have started another pair, not 5 minutes after berating the act of making socks :-)

  5. Alterations can be more difficult than new clothes, and they're a lot less jolly. Although granted they don't make good blogging fodder. I think you should get full credit for altering clothes in 2012, each and every one of them worth as much as if you made it from scratch :-).