Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Real law firms in Texas apparently think it's worthwhile to have spammers in India put comments on my blog.  Since I doubt the spammers are doing it out of charity, I have to assume that the law firms are actually paying for this "service".


Needless to say, the comments are removed promptly.  Maybe Blogger's spam filter will soon catch on.


  1. If everyone was efficient enough, the comments would appear on your blog without any human intervention whatsoever, and just be billed as piecework. Very funny that lawyers would actually be advertising to other lawyers though, that's probably a quirk of keyword searching :-). You can always turn on the capcha long enough for them to get the point, if it bothers you..

  2. I absolutely hate that stuff. I have made it a practice to not read it b/4 deleting and not patronizing the company that persists in sending it. Once in a great while it is a company that I have done business with, have been dissatisfied, and tried to move on into cyberspace. They don't like that ;).

  3. They are so annoying, but I find that the capcha decreases comments both giving and recieving. The capcha is now 2 words and so blurred that those of us with mature vision have troubles telling what the letters are. I make one stab, then decide the blogger doesn't really want to hear from me anyway.

  4. Love the zipper. It's a great dress. Sort of reminds me of that scene in "Auntie Mame" when Rosalind Russell is wearing mourning, all black, then she turns around and the dress is cut to the waist...