Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another pattern from my past

The Sewing Lawyer developed an early interest in tailoring. It's hard to believe, but in those ancient days when she was in high school, a course in tailoring was in the public school curriculum.  Thus, as has been mentioned before, in grade 12, she made a plaid coat.

When you are young and fearless, you just carry on and do the most amazing things.  So I went on tailoring, not realizing that this was actually pretty hard to do well.  Attending the University of Toronto brought with it an introduction to the wonderful nearby garment district and the mysteries of the stores that supplied real tailors.

And in the 1970s, it wasn't considered all that strange for a student to wear a 3 piece suit, on occasion.

In my memory, it was perfect.  Luckily I don't still have the suit.  I'm pretty sure the tailoring wouldn't measure up to my current standards.

This pattern is on offer at Lanetz Living today.  Only $3.00.


  1. Ah, yes - life was so simple way back when. Just sew it up and wear it. No hang-ups about "proper fit" or "proper" anything. Unfortunately, my first suit hung in the closet for a while until London, ON caught up with the rest of the fashionable world. My "bag pants" were just too fashion forward for this town.

  2. Wow! Your post brought back memories of my high school tailoring class in 1966. So I learned old school tailoring and made a pretty yellow wool coat that I still have stored away. My tailoring skills have been modified over the years but the basic skill set is still with me. I truly loved that class and feel sad that our public schools no longer offer any sewing instruction. Maybe with all the interest in shows like Project Runway and Design Star there is hope that sewing is back in vogue.

  3. I used this pattern! I made a suit out of a purple linen-like fabric that unfortunately had many yellow flowers on it. Seemed (Seamed?) like a good idea at the time. I made the skirt. I did make the skirt many themes more. I hate to admit but I still have the pattern.

  4. You do not think that you could be surprised on the quality of your sewing? I am certain it was well done, you have such good sewing skills... I know, it was a long time ago. Fun to look at those old models. The fabric mix is funny !

  5. I used this pattern twice, skirt and jacket, once in gray herringbone wool and again in beige wool gabardine! Absolutely loved both suits and wore them to death in San Francisco in the late 70s and early 80s when I was reporting depositions...wow, this really brought back some memories!

  6. I have been actively seeking out patterns from my teen years to young adulthood that my mother sewed for me, so I can recreate some of them myself. Of course, having given birth to two large babies, who are now two average sized twenty-somethings, and having recently lost my husband, I am a bit bigger than I was then, so I need a larger size than I did then.
    I couldn't use my old patterns anyway, because my mother, in a fit of heaven knows what, BURNED them in the fireplace shortly after my husband's death.
    Anyway, my score is five down, three to go, and I even have the matching fabric for one of them. Unfortunately, it is for one of the missing patterns. I can't wait to find it, make it, and casually drop in on my mom someday and see what she says.

    I have decided to skip the maternity dresses, however.