Sunday, April 22, 2012

My new dress (to be)

I was going to call this post "introducing my new dress" but I decided that would be cruel.

A bit further along than flat folds
At least it's cut out...

This will be the sleeveless dress with the asymmetrical faux-closure from February's Burda.  I'm making it from turquoise wool crepe, which will be underlined with silk organza. The bodice lining is the China silk print and the skirt will be lined with slipperier Bemberg.

Since taking this photo, I finished basting the underlining in place and construction has begun.

"Harmony" knitting pattern
by Nadia Zarrouk - available
on Ravelry
However, again I've been sidetracked by knitting.  My new project is a pattern found via Ravelry.  So far I've done the 2nd cable twist row and it's looking good.  I have some stash fabric lined up to coordinate.  More on that later.

I'm making the top from a silk and linen blend (70-30%) fingering weight yarn, which I ordered from ColourMart.  Oh my, if you are a knitter, you should check out the CM site!  They have lots of really luxurious yarns (cashmere, fine merino, silk etc.) for very down-to-earth prices. Four cones, each about 500 metres of 100% silk yarn for $22 (shipping included), were delivered to my door on Friday.  

100% silk DK in maroon
Here's one of them, auditioning with a scrap of a beautiful wool bouclĂ© from stash.  Did Chanel knit?


  1. I love the style of your dress....and it will look beautiful in turquoise!

  2. This dress is you. It will be interesting to see the final version. And I'm jealous of the knitting because you are making such wonderful pieces!

  3. I'm very keen to see how this dress turns out. I was eyeing it off the other day and I'm just not sure about it for me just yet. The fabric choice is perfect.

  4. I have some emerald fabric lined up for that dress - I'll be interested to see how yours turns out.

  5. Chanel may not have knitted but she loved it anyway! Love that new sweater pattern.

  6. I'm very afraid of going to yet another online sewing/knitting site--I look forward to seeing the dress, and the yarn with that boucle is perfection.