Sunday, February 26, 2012

What the Sewing Lawyer does when she's not sewing*

I live in Canada.  It's cold and snowy for months at a time.  Staying indoors is not really an option.  So I enjoy winter sports  in my somewhat inept way.  You already know that I curl.  I also cross-country ski.  I'm incredibly fortunate to live within a 20 minute drive of Gatineau Park, which has over 200 km of ski trails that wind up and down hills, past beautiful frozen lakes, rocky cliffs and through mature forest.

Today there was fresh snow, the temperature was -13C, and the skies were blue.  Fantastic!

So I didn't do much sewing....

*  Or working as a lawyer.  Now that would make for a boring blog post!


  1. It really was a beautiful day today (I live in Ottawa too), and in some way I'm sad to see the end of winter!! Not that we had much of one, I only went skating on the Rideau Canal twice. On days like today, with fresh white snow and clear blue skies, it's absolutely marvelous.

  2. Wow! That's so different from the way I live (or have ever lived) and it's so fun to see ! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The picture of snow covered trees is always so beautiful. I prefer not to be "in" the snow, though. Enjoy!!

  4. Absolutely lovely, my husband and I hiked in Gatineau Park a few years back. We've often talked about going back to snowshoe You've had much more snow in the Ottawa area than we've seen in here in Calgary this year.