Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tracing fiend

That's what The Sewing Lawyer was, this weekend.  Not only is the Burda jacket from a year ago (mentioned in my last post) traced, so is the about-to-be-famous colour blocked dress from the February 2012 issue and a pants pattern that could easily be overlooked from the same issue.  And I'm half way through tracing another dress from this very month's Burda Magazine!  Three items traced from the latest edition, within 3 days of purchase.  It's a new world record chez The Sewing Lawyer!

Here are the line drawings, for ease of reference:

About-to-be-famous colour blocked dress #117
This dress is the reason I called my local purveyor of magazines on Friday.  The February Burda had already come in!  I was out of the door like a shot.

I'm not first to have at this one.  I am pretty sure that Audrey has that distinction, and Melissa is second.  Their dresses are fabulous!  There will be MANY more of these, I predict.

In my drive to use fabric from stash, I located some burgundy wool double knit.  My only hesitation in using this fabric is that it is quite firm, and based on flat pattern measurements, this dress is designed with negative ease.

I am hedging my bets with extra-wide seam allowances at the side seams and CB.

I'll need a working zipper.  I have no intention of having a shiny strip down my backside, so my non-colour blocked and non-exposed zipper dress will be a good deal less zoomy than Burda intended.  However, I think it'll be a great dress anyway.

Knit pants - #120
These pants are designed for knit fabric and I have some beefy black RPL ponte knit in stash.  It's the same stuff I made my curling pants from.   And my bike shorts.

This pattern could be a favorite due to its high waist, slim profile, interesting back yoke, and the strip of fabric that runs vertically between the front and back pieces.  I made a jeans pattern with the latter feature from the June, 2004 issue so many times I lost count.  The strip smooths out one's hip curve very nicely.

I have high hopes for these.

Sleeveless dress #110
Last but not least, I love this dress!  It has lots of seams for fitting possibilities, and an interesting off-centre faux-closure detail (in fact there's a zipper inserted in the side seam.

I have some amazing turquoise wool crepe which will look great with the chunky bouclé I have earmarked for the jacket.

February could be a sewing marathon!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished products! I'm sure they'll look fabulous and inspire more!


  2. I'm looking forward to your version of the color blocked dress too. I bought the magazine for exactly the same reason.

  3. I have the magazine too! I'm looking forward to see the result!

    my blog:

  4. These will be great. All fabulous patterns. Wish I, too, had fabric in stash for that colour blocked dress...

  5. My version is at the sewing machine as we "speak". A heads up- I am not adding any extra length for my version, so you may have to shorten yours. My muslin fit great- a bit of pooling at the lower back, but I was pleased otherwise. Can't wait to see yours!

  6. The colour block dress is next on my sewing queue. I liked the other dress as well but not sure about those pleats at the waist.

  7. I'm looking forward to the Feb issue finally making it down-under.

    I really like those pants too, and the dresses, so can't wait to see how you get on. Happy sewing.