Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jacket progress

It has been so long since The Sewing Lawyer made a jacket, she thought she had forgotten. But she hadn't.

A forgiving, cushy wool fabric helps.

Remembering to cut it out single layer to (more or less) match the  plaid is also a good idea.  Although this guarantees that the seams practically disappear.

So far so good.

I adapted the pattern to add extra fabric around the edges of the upper collar and lapel facings, since the outer layer of this thick fabric has to travel farther than the under-layer. In this photo, I have pinned the upper collar/facing layer to the under collar/jacket layer, matching the neckline seams exactly.  When the upper collar is folded over, the raw edges are quite even at the back.

I'm going to have to fiddle with the under collar at the leading edge.  As you can see here, it seems longer than the upper collar.  I think I'll trim the curved edge to exactly match the upper collar before sewing the two layers together.  This will avoid any risk of the collar flipping up after it's constructed.


  1. Very nice fabric. Your orange plaid jacket is still in my mind.

  2. This fabric is lovely. I do so enjoy seeing your construction pics and posts also.

  3. This is looking amazing. Fantastic pattern matching on the back!

  4. The fabric is lovely. What a great jacket this will be.

  5. Kay, how do you sew a jacket that fast? I am always amazed. This is a very interesting fabric. Did it fray a great deal? The colours are deep and so beautiful. As usual, the work is impeccable. I feel like I broken record... but what do you want ? I am always full of admiration.