Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I'm stuck

The AC works again, so on the weekend I got back to Vogue 8718.

The peplum, which you can see here, is self-lined.  This is because part of the underside of the peplum is visible at the lower edge, (though not in this picture, you can see it on the photo from the pattern envelope, and in the original Akris version, at this blog post).

Anyhow, I fretted over whether to interface or otherwise beef up the two layers of very thin wool that would make up the peplum.  I finally decided to use a firm silk organza underlining, attached to the right side pieces.

I KNEW that the organza was slightly off-grain and rippling but I deluded myself all through sewing the seams, sewing the layers together, pressing, and attaching the peplum to the jacket.


Was it going to stop rippling through sheer force of my will?  Of course not.

Am I going to wear it like this?  Of course not.

Luckily, I didn't trim or clip or do anything except turn and press.

Hello, seam ripper?  Where are you, my friend?


  1. I have worn my poor seam ripper to a nubbin this month. Sorry about your ripples.

  2. Whats worth doing is worth doing well. Seam ripping is only a short term pain.

  3. This begs the question: should a seam ripper be replaced after X hours of use, like a needle?

    I'm remembering how thoroughly delightful it is to use a brand new seam ripper! Glides through those oopsies like buttah. Which mine is no longer doing.

    Maybe it's one of those items that should be purchased a dozen at a time?

  4. will you try to use something else as underlining? I was just thinking that muslin would work well with the peplum, but it's, of course, a judgement call.

  5. What would we do without our seam rippers!

  6. I do this too - carry on as if things will be OK, knowing full well that they won't, and just making more work for myself in the long run!