Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Blue Gardenia

I'm in SUCH good company over at the Blue Gardenia.  Denise is doing a series on sewing spaces.  She has already given us access to the sewing spaces of your favorite bloggers, and today, she's featuring my (rather messy and despite what she says, disorganized) sewing room.  Head on over there to have a peek at the chaos in which The Sewing Lawyer turns out her projects.

For fun, here's another picture:


  1. I think what's so interesting about this series is that you can take a peek into where everyone is sewing and imagine them turning out their wonderous creations there!

  2. Thanks for letting us come and "visit"

  3. This looks very organized, and no you don't have a fabric stash problem. I'm beginning to think if you don't have extra fabric around the house then you aren't really a sewist!