Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jeans & fit

Just about everyone (all 67 of them) who has reviewed Jalie 2908 for women's stretch jeans on PatternReview has loved it.  Me ... well, let's just say I'm working on it.  However, I fear I'm not really the target audience.  I do not want very tight jeans, like enough room to sit down without the waistband pulling down at CB, and really don't care for either a low rise or a boot cut.  Holy cow!  I should have just bought their version of Mom Jeans (#968) and be done with it!

I traced according to my hip (size U) and waist (size S) measurements.  When I compared the pattern to my current jeans pattern, a Burda WOF pattern from 2004 (reviewed most recently here), I decided I needed insurance and added 1.5cm extra on the side and inseams.  The pattern includes 1cm so that gave me 2.5cm or 1" to play with.

I cut out of an inexpensive denim with the required amount of lycra/stretch.  The assembly of the fronts and backs went swimmingly.  The rest, not so much.  All came to a grinding halt when I tried them on after basting at the original seam line.  Talk about skin tight!  Since then I have let out both the side seams (better) and the inseam (not a help).  I have read and re-read Kathleen Fasanella on why jeans fit lousy these days.  These jeans definitely give the mono-butt effect, which I'm not all that enamoured of.  There will be no pictures, by the way!

My current theory is that I need more length and width through the back.  I am off to purchase more inexpensive denim of similar quality.  Wish me luck.


  1. Ok, maybe this will make you feel better:

    I never wrote a review because I didn't want to be the lone dissenting voice. Maybe that can be you - but stretch jeans are not for everyone.

  2. I'm with you about the jeans. I used to wear "tight fittin' jeans", as the song goes. I'm of a certain age now though, that "mom jeans" are much more appropriate. I use the Palmer/Pletsch jeans pattern(s).

  3. I have the pattern, but not the motivation. Perhaps I fear the humiliation of defeat!?

  4. I have problems with jeans fitting, but one of the best jeans I ever made were from my close fitting trouser block, with jean design lines. If you have a good plain fitted TNT trouser pattern, try transferring the yoke, pockets, etc over.
    I buy my jeans though (because I have found a brand that fits - Mavi) and the latest ones I bought were cotton/elastane/polyester! I dislike polyester and would never have bought them if I read the content label, but guess what - they don't go saggy like the elastane ones do - so maybe polyester has it's uses!...

  5. My go-to jean pattern is an out of print Vogue that fits more like trousers. Having said that, I still have the Jalie on the pending pile, just to say I did it!

  6. Hmmm Im sure I just did a post here but dont think it worked.

    I wasn't happy with the outcome of Jalie 2908 either. Won't make them again. There's a review of them on my blog ( and also on PR.
    I've discovered a burda jeans pattern that is now my be all and end all. Also Mccalls 5894 is a good pattern too. Both are better in my mind than the Jalie one

  7. I also have a devil of a time with jeans, home sewn or RTW. I have this pattern but have not tried it because of the gaping back yoke problem. I am actually smaller than the smallest size and have read more than one account of them not working with out major adjustments if you have sway back or a big difference between your waist and hip measurements. And lucky me, I have both.

  8. As I have this pattern traced months ago and was too afraid to start it (concerns about the fit on my figure), I'm looking forward to hear/see what your experiences are.