Saturday, March 20, 2010

Next up ...

For years I have not had this problem - a gaping hole in my sewing calendar.  What on earth will I make next, I have been wondering more and more frantically.  Meanwhile, I've been marking sewing time by tracing patterns from a Burda magazine I stupidly did not buy but was able to borrow from DIGS, who clearly never has a hole in her sewing calendar.  (I'm finished with them now DIGS, what about that lunch date where I'll return them?)

I know what I want to make it out of, at least. 

I know, I previously announced to the blogosphere that the multi-yarned and slightly slubby black/camel/cream wool blend fabric wanted to be a double-breasted, stand collar jacket from Burda Magazine.  I've been wrestling with that idea for a week or so.  The clean lines work, but I worry that the double-breasted jacket will be less versatile, and that the high neck would mean I'd not want to wear it in spring and fall but only deepest winter.  I want a jacket I can wear right away. 

Also, I failed to convince my husband that the style was right for the fabric.  He doesn't always have (or at least express) an opinion. So I started to doubt my fabric's intentions, and the wisdom of that pattern for a jacket to be made in March. 

Naturally I have thousands (only a slight exaggeration) of jacket patterns, including an entire shelf of miscellaneous issues of Burda WOF (I have never subscribed but pick it up from time to time).  Nothing seemed right.  And then I lit on this Vogue Tamotsu pattern, now out of print but still available on the Vogue website.  AHA.  Clean lines, single breasted, interesting collar action, vaguely fits my husband's sense that the fabric might be happy in a Japanese-y style. 

I know, the lines are impossible to see (why do pattern companies do this?) so here are the line drawings for the jacket. 

I'll have to monkey with the sleeves since I'm pretty sure the shoulders will be too extended (this dates from 2003 and calls for 1/2" shoulder pads).  However, I bought the pattern for the neckline and it'll work really well with the fabric. 

Oh, it also has spousal approval. 

I also need plans for the 4 season camel Italian wool which I dug out of the stash.  Something to go with the jacket, but what?  I have 4 metres (lots).  Ideas anyone?


  1. I think the camel Italian wool could look lovely with the jacket as a dress. Or skirt and vesty type of top. The jacket is pretty long (will you make it that length?), so if you make pants the proportions may be off - cut you in half.

  2. I love that pattern; such pretty & graceful lines.

  3. Looks very promising. Yes, let's do the L-thing - sorry I got sidetracked by G's spring break this week and, and... eh, not for public consumption.

  4. Oh I love that pattern. It will b e very pretty.

  5. I think that pattern is a winner --- such beautiful lines. A pair of trousers with the camel? Or a sheath dress?

  6. This will probably look nice on you but I find the collar/neckline very tight, sort of like it might strangle you. Any way you can open it up? Is the fabric soft enough?