Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trilobite Shirt - completed!

I'm checking back in with some pictures of the completed trilobite shirt and to put in another plug for Spoonflower

 My husband has wanted a trilobite-print-fabric Aloha shirt for some time and since he was able to supply the fabric, I cooperated by making it up - it'll be formally presented on Friday as a non-surprise Christmas present. 

As for Spoonflower, what a concept:  "a website that gives you the power to print your own designs on fabric". If you can come up with an image or design in a suitable e-format (TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF), you can upload it, preview how it will look printed on yardage (play with different tiling of the design), and order it printed on one of six different types of fabric: quilting cotton, linen-cotton canvas, upholstery weight cotton twill, organic cotton sateen, organic cotton interlock knit and 60-40 bamboo-cotton rayon. It's wise to order a sample size piece (8" square) first to see how it will look "in real life" for $5. The fabric sells at between $18 and $32 per yard.  I think I already mentioned that my husband got 2 yards of the cotton-bamboo rayon printed up.  It crocked a bit in the washer & dryer, and in the sewing, but this just adds to the slightly distressed and rock-like appearance of the dark background.  

I've made this pattern, long out-of-print McCalls 4115, many times before both as a Hawaiian or Aloha style shirt as designed, and with long sleeves as the top for seriously goofy but classic PJs.  Check these out!

The blue ones are a Joe Boxer print of breakfast items, including a frying pan with eggs and bacon, and a pound of lard (!). The colourful ones on the right are festooned with all manner of vegetables.  It's hard to believe that the commercial fabric printing companies could come up with these designs, and yet they didn't have a single trilobite print in their catalogues!


Spoonflower sent us a coordinating label so I added a back facing I could sew it to.  Even though I was short of fabric I was able to match the patch pocket perfectly.  All seams are flat-felled so the inside is as nice as the outside.  

More details and links can be found in my review on PatternReview.

Maybe now I'll have to get back to my winter coat.  

Happy holidays, everyone!


  1. Beautiful work!! That is one awesome shirt.

  2. Kayy.- nice fabrics, I love. My best wishes to you and yours in the Christmas holidays. Hugs, Paco

  3. Hey, I like the label. If you're ever in North Carolina, Spoonflower is not far. You could stay here and we could do a "field trip". I'm hoping the Raleigh ASG will do one sometime.

    That's a great shirt. I wonder if I dare tell my DH about Spoonflower. He already has the standard "girls on motorcycles" shirts. He's very proud that they match going across the front.

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  5. I was lucky enough to discover McCall's 4115; in fact, it is sitting in my lap. You did a great job with it!