Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last minute sewing

I'm about to go off on a European vacation. Packing is in progress. And I decided that I should make a new top. Jalie 2804 to the rescue.

I made it before. It is easy. I have fabric. Go!

Done in a few hours.

This is a delightful print that unfortunately is printed on crappy fabric. That soft rayon knit. You know the one. It it soft and delicious and then it stretches, and stretches, and before you know it you have to throw your top, dress or skirt out because it is a hot mess and your bra is on display. But while it is new and fresh, so soft, so stretchy!
Yeah, it will be perfect for my vacation. Afterwards? We will see.

Not much to report on the sewing. I remembered to attach the upper fronts to each other before sewing to the lower front (gap control). I continue to struggle with my coverstitch machine (sigh).

Here is me, looking FORWARD to a trip to Italy, Slovenia and Croatia!


  1. OMG. I have this fabric! I've never, ever seen the same fabric as something I have on a blog. And---I bought it at Value Village!! It sat in my stash for so long as I didn't have enough to really make something. I finally made a "buff" and then I used some for a waistband on a pair of pants. I really liked the print too because it's a nice change from all the floral and stripes out there. Now I'm glad I didn't sew something major! Your top looks great and I hope it holds up for you!!