Saturday, March 19, 2016

Coat of many colours

The photo at left is reasonably accurate in depicting the crazy colours in The Sewing Lawyer's recently completed jacket, and she likes all of them!

The jacket doesn't go with everything in my closet, but there are quite a lot of choices.

To the right, here it is with my new grey pants and a teal sweater (which is however hiding from view under the buttoned jacket).

Aubergine top
Or how do you like it with an aubergine wool top (Jalie 2682) and the same pants?

Or we could go with a dress. My new grey one, from BurdaStyle (August, 2012), is a natural.

Grey dress
Or a black dress (BurdaStyle, February, 2012).  I even tried it with a bright turquoise dress (Burda, February 2012).
Turquoise dress
Black dress

I do like what the crazy stripes do in the back.

It occurs to me that there is a hole in my wardrobe that could be plugged with a new pair of dark navy pants. You may not be surprised to learn that there is a pant length of such fabric in The Sewing Lawyer's stash. And something in a nice cherry red... So many possibilities, so little time!


  1. Yes!! Absolutely fabulous addition to the wardrobe. Loving navy at the moment but boy does it attract cat hair and other fluff. I have lint rollers all over the place.

  2. It's a beautiful jacket - as always, far more impressive IRL than on a pic. Brings to mind ALW's Amazing multicoloured coat:

    LEE MEAD: Any Dream Will Do/ Give Me My Coloured …:

  3. This is simple and efficient style wise. My fabourite combinaison is with the grey dress. It is total sucess !! Superbe look !

  4. Gorgeous jacket, love all the colours in it and those crazy back lines are amazing.

  5. Too cute, SL! You're such an inspiration.

  6. Thank-you for documenting "walking your jacket around your closet". It's a fave past-time for me, too, when I buy/make something new.

    I stepped into Nordstrom once to buy a new pair of slacks for work. The sales lady talked me into purchasing 4 pairs to "walk around my closet" at no risk, since I could keep the winners and return the losers. I kept 2 pairs when I thought I only needed one. ;-)

    Now I walk swatches and balls of yarn around my closet when picking projects. Et, tu?

  7. Man, I love how it looks in the back!

  8. Once again, I bow to your immense talents, Sewing Lawyer! Like Anne-Marie I agree that wearing it with grey is my favorite look - all the emphasis is on how pretty and colorful the jacket is.

  9. Wow! This jacket has knocked me out! Fantastic! I too bow to your immense talents. You have skills!

  10. Gorgeous Jacket! Right up my alley….love the colors.

  11. Professional AND Fun Jacket!
    who would've thought this is possible...

  12. Superb! What pattern did you use?

  13. Very nice, and it's so versatile, with all the colors in the stripes. It looks nice with everything you paired it with, but I think my favorite is the turquoise dress color. It will look great with a turquoise top and black or navy pants. Why don't I ever make things that go with a lot of other things? Most of my makes are so quirky, they only go with one or two things, or sometimes nothing, in my wardrobe!