Sunday, September 29, 2013


Paco's cape - not mine!
Waaaay back when, I reported the purchase of some patterns from Paco Peralta.  It is embarrassing that the patterns have been waiting so long for me to make something.  Better late than never - feeling the need of an easy to wear outer garment I could put on in between season weather, I made the short version of the "poncho cape".

It's pretty simple to construct - two main pieces, two collar pieces and the back facing.  The pattern is nicely drafted, however.  There is turn of the cloth built into the bias under collar, something I always appreciate.  No lining pieces were supplied, but it was very easy to create my own.  Seriously, the hardest part of this was the hemming, a task that seemed to go on forever.

You'll have to wait a bit to see me model this, as it's dark and the beauty of this fabric is subtle.  It was found by my husband, pro thrift-shopper that he is, a few years ago.  I think it's Donegal tweed.  It's certainly hairy enough!  At first I thought it was pretty dull, but it has delightful flecks of colour, when you get close enough to see them.  I have enough left to make a skirt.

For now, here's a view of the collar.


  1. I bet this looks amazing on you It looks so much easier and more elegant than wearing a heavy coat.
    Beautiful garment!

  2. I love this!! Fantastic job -- I saw a coat like this at Brooks Black Label a year or two back. I love it!

  3. Oh, this drapes beautifully! I love capes, it's so exciting to see them popping up all over the place; we so need to bring them back into fashion!

  4. Oh, the beauty of the fabric is perfect for this simple pattern. It would look lovely with a slim skirt to match.

  5. Love the drape of the cape. Very beautiful. Very elegant.
    I enjoy your blog, especially your hard work about making bras.
    I also really admire your label. Where did you have it produced?
    Thanks again

    1. The label:

  6. Looks very nice. I can see you swishing along the footpath in it.

  7. Capes are everywhere this year. I love Paco's pattern and your fabric looks perfect!

  8. So so pretty. I love the lines on this cape. Looking forward to seeing it on you!

  9. Gorgeous - the perfect pairing of fabric and pattern. I once had some fabric just like that also bought in a thrift shop but sadly I wasted mine on a wadder......

  10. I absolutely love this cape! I'm a huge fan of capes and this one in tweed is fantastic.