Friday, March 8, 2013

In progress

The overwhelming consensus is that it is not just not a bad thing but actually a good thing to re-visit and re-use a pattern already made.  (I thought so too.)

I finished cutting out the jacket and skirt last night and the biggest left-over bit of my 2m of fabric is about 35 x 45 cm (maybe 1 sq.ft.).  I sure hope I didn't make any mistakes!

I am going to insert black piping at the curved line formed by the pocket edge and front waistband seams, just for fun and because the detail of this line is really rather beautiful but would completely disappear if I didn't do something to make it pop in my dark and textured fabric.  To unite the two pieces, I'll continue the piping at the CF, collar and lapel edges in the jacket.  Or maybe at the horizontal seam...

Here, as a reminder, are the line drawings:

Where do you think piping would best be inserted?


  1. I think at the empire line as well - it should be pretty subtle with the darkish fabric so not too much. Sounds great.

  2. Depends on where the bottom of the jacket falls against the skirt. I love both pieces and looking forward to the finished outfit.

  3. I love your piping idea, as the curved lines of the skirt are what add interest to the simple pencil skirt. I like the idea of piping on the jacket as well, but not sure about the horizontal line (wonder if it might be too much?). Can't wait to see the outfit -- I've had my eye on that skirt pattern for a long time and would love to see your version!

  4. Leather. Definitely leather piping. Toss in some Tough Chick with that lovely tweed. You always make such beautiful things and do such gorgeous work.