Sunday, November 27, 2011


Remember the pink zipper?  There is a tiny bit of method at work.  The Sewing Lawyer has a new pink top to match.  Actually, it makes the zipper look a little ... dull.

For anyone who was at PR Weekend Montreal, the pink fabric was purchased at Suzie Stretch.  It has a nice smooth jersey face and a loopy wrong side.  I'm hoping that makes it a little bit warmer than simple jersey.

But will somebody please remember to remind me to check the direction of most stretch BEFORE cutting?  This top (Jalie 2682) has a double layer upper front and it's straining a bit.  I think it would have been more comfortable cut on the crosswise grain.  Since I have two more vivid colours of this same fabric (turquoise and bright yellow!) there is a chance that I'll get to test this theory out.  I like this pattern a lot.

The jacket got retrofitted with a little underarm gusset to help with the mobility problem.

It went curling on Wednesday.

I'm pleased to report that the gusset works and the jacket was cozy warm.

I'll try it with the pink top this week.  Maybe the vivid colour will psyche out the opposition!

In the meantime, The Sewing Lawyer finished this lacy scarf and is itching to try a new knitting project.

What do you think of this sweater/jacket?  I love its texture and structure.


  1. Kay--glad the gusset gave you the give you needed (okay--enough alliteration!). Love the new top--I really like bright colors for cold days. And the scarf? WOW!

  2. Beautiful stuff, Kay! I love the scarf too. I guess that's machine knitted right?

  3. Oh what a scarf. You are such an accomplished knitter. I am amazed. The top you are thinking about for your next project is amazing. Woaw ! Go for it. As for the gusset, you are so patient Kay. I hate to install those ones. Very well done.

  4. Love your new scarf. I had a taupe scarf just like this but ruined it by letting my dangly earrings get caught in the lace holes.