Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying not to post just for the sake of posting

The Sewing Lawyer does not think that she should start this post by apologizing for the fact that her last post was TWO weeks ago, do you?  

In the interim, there was sewing of panties.  Which shall not be shown on this blog.  I have my pride.

The bra also got finished, although I haven't yet sewn the tiny little ribbon bow on the centre front so maybe it's not quite finished.

Thanks very much to all of you who left such informative comments on sizing, and more practically, on what the heck to do with the too-long ends of the underwires.  I had never heard of Plasti Dip before but it looks like a very interesting product.  I was not too thrilled at the idea of forking over $25.00 for a gigantic amount of the stuff when I only needed a tiny bit, so I was a little bit relieved to find out that my local hardware store had stopped carrying it.  I defaulted to plan B, Liana's suggestion:  epoxy.  It worked.

Having a nice new bra that fits well has made me realize that all the rest of them are pretty dowdy.  I am now quite motivated to make more.  Today, quite fortuitously, Kwik Sew 2101 came into my possession.  So there are lots of choices for patterns, and the stash seems to contain more possibilities too.

I made a knit dress.  No pictures yet, however.  I'll do a quick post tomorrow.

I have been musing about my next project.  I think it's time for something a little more complicated i.e. a lined jacket.  I like sewing for fall and winter!  (It's a good thing, since we have a good 8-9 months of somewhat-cold to very-cold weather here.)

I've had the fabric pictured to the right for a couple of years.  It's wool blended with something - maybe acetate?  The square motifs that look like script (but which I hope don't actually say anything) are woven in. This summer I bought enough red lamb leather for another jacket.  They are the same colour!

Dress and jacket, coming up ... sometime.