Monday, October 23, 2023

Mission accomplished - Dawn jeans


Here I am enjoying my new Dawn jeans on a wonderfully sunny, if quite chilly day. Winter is definitely coming, but there are still plenty of leaves on the trees. 

What to say about these?

They are very comfortable. Time and wearing will tell me if I should have made them snugger through the hip. 

I did slightly overreact on the waist seam adjustment as informed by my TDCO fitting experiment. I took something less than 1cm out of the front length and brought the back up by about 1.5cm at the very CB - these are sewn with a 4mm seam allowance at that point in compensation.

The back waist band could stand to be a bit more curved as it is standing away from my body very slightly at that point. Not enough to fret about. Indeed, I predict I will forget about it shortly.  Otherwise, I'm super happy with the fit in the back. 
I used a fun print for the pockets and waistband lining.  For the buttonhole, I resorted to my trusty Singer Featherweight with the buttonholer. 
Do they make my legs look longer? I hope so!


  1. I'm so glad you are still blogging! Hope you enjoy your retirement. Nice jeans. What color are they?

  2. Great jeans and a good look on you! Abbey

  3. Your Dawn jeans look fantastic, Kayy! The pocket and waistband lining with the fun print are such a cool touch. I'm curious about your TDCO fitting experiment—sounds intriguing. And hey, I'm sure those jeans make your legs look awesome! Would you mind sharing the sample pattern that you've used in making this?

    1. Details are in this post: