Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Made any masks lately?

Oh I held out for a while. Non-sewers were all getting their ancient machines out from the back of the closet and firing them up. I was in denial.

Yeah, it didn't last. 

Dhurata Davies Mask
(early in pandemic)
(yes I did cut my own bangs)
It turns out I have a lot of stashed cotton bits left over from various projects. And old sheets. And now I have special ear elastic and silicone cord locks.

In the early days I was making this one by Dhurata Davies (but with ear elastics instead of the long ties). 

I made SO MANY of them! (See left). Gotta keep the family safe!

Later I tested Jalie's mask pattern. Four styles with headband and bag for your spares!

Jalie View A
(later in pandemic) 
(lots more hair)
My favourite is view B which has a similar shape to the Dhurata Davies pattern but is a bit more sophisticated. 3 layers! 

So do I have a photo of me wearing view B? Of course not. Enjoy this pic of my most sober/serious mask. This one is view A. It is a bit more complicated in structure. (Whenever I have to go to an in-person meeting for work I gravitate towards this one instead of the crazy African prints. Almost everyone else wears boring black or a disposable one...)

I never thought I could get used to wearing a mask. But it turns out you can get used to a lot of weirdness. 


  1. Hurray for you! What a useful way to bust a stash of I-can't-think-how-to-use-it-but-I-can't-bear-to-throw-it-away scraps.

    I am DONE with mask-making ... except I just snagged a free pattern off the interweb for a COVID mask for a bearded man. So there's a few of those in the pile for sewing up. Sigh.

    In the beginning, when masks were first mandated, and there were none to be had, our church sent out a plea to stitchers in the congregation to make masks to give away to the community. I sewed at least 200 for that effort, as did many other stitchers. We made a giant pile of masks. There are about 15 left in the basket.

    After that, I concentrated on outfitting my family. We had a socially-distanced "Merry Chrismask" this year. It was fun decorating all the masks as party favors.

    I, too, use the Dhurata Davie mask as my go-to pattern. The Small fits most women, the Medium most men. It offers a lot of space for decoration. I do use a single loop of elastic instead of ear loops, though. Goes through the same casings, fits around neck and crown of head. My ancient old parents prefer this option as it does not interfere with their hearing aids. I prefer it because it stays on my head better. And I only have to close one loop of elastic instead of two.

    After the first onslaught of "church masks," I started keeping count of the makes. Am at 178 so far, all of them either for personal use or as giveaways. Am sh*t sick of sewing them, but we will be wearing them for years, so will probably be sewing them for years.