Saturday, January 5, 2019

Things I made recently - Carolyn PJs!

Every year I sew relatively elaborate PJs (shirt style, piped, contrast fabric, crazy prints) for my husband. Here are some I've made over the years.

But I'd not made a pair for myself - until now! In the week between Christmas and New Years I finally bought myself the Carolyn Pajamas pattern from Closet Case. I'm not sure why I waited so long. My PJ collection can now be completely renovated.

I made these from some miscellaneous soft flannelette that was a thrift store find, and a contrast fruity cotton print that was left over from another PJ project.

I only used the pattern for the shirt as I had a self-drafted PJ pant pattern on hand. Next time I'll do the full Carolyn.

What do I like about this pattern? 

Well, it has all those PJ bells and whistles - collar and lapels, cuffs and pockets, all piped edges! 

I like the rounded shape of the collar and lapel. 

I like the shirt-tail hem. 

The fit is good for PJs - not tight, but not exactly boxy either. 

Inside collar and back facing
For my taste, the collar lies a little flat at the back - there is not much of a stand as you can see in the photo of the inside collar and back facing. If I remember I will modify it to make it more upright before I make these again. I'll leave the curved edges so it will look the same at the front but sit higher at the back of my neck. 

I also added a back neck facing (stitched directly to the back) which I think is nicer as well as easier to make than the instructed method (pictured below). 


  1. You did a great job on all the jammies! They are really fun. And yours look very cozy. I love your husband’s bacon and egg print jammies. Hilarious.

  2. Love your pj's. Would love to know how you constructed the back neck facing.

  3. Your version of the Carolyn pajama is awesome. I bought the pattern and tried to sew it twice butI am disppointed with the collar. I had difficulties to understand the instructions given and on my versions the collar doesn't sit flat" and the facing often comes out at the shoulder level.
    As Faye requested, I would also love, if you have time please, to have more instructions regarding how you sewed the collar and added the back facing. Thank you very much.