Saturday, May 26, 2018

Barbie-pink rain jacket in the making

I recently found a good chunk of waterproof nylon in hot pink at the spring Fabric Flea Market, which is held in my neighbourhood. $10. How could I resist?

Parenthetically, it was fun to go to the event. I hadn't been for a few years (trying not to buy) and it was much bigger than previously. So many of the vendors were familiar from my days of running the fall Fabric Flea Market (even bigger, longer running). I ran into so many neighbours and acquaintances! I didn't buy much because (a) SABLE* and (b) so many of the vendors were selling fat quarters which to a garment sewer is just tragic. But it was definitely worth the $2 admission. I found this fabric and a fabulous African batik print!

I have had the Sewaholic Minoru jacket pattern in stash for so very long. I'd get it out and ponder it periodically, then put it back. But suddenly, I figured I should make a hot pink Minoru. With mesh lining and added pockets! (What was she thinking in not putting outside pockets on this jacket?) I'm making the hooded version and am lining it with scraps of colourful quilting cotton. (The pattern should really include this too!) The collar is cut from a scrap of retro-reflective fabric.

I was nervous about fusible interfacing on this fabric so I fused the interfacing to quilting cotton which I'm sewing in (gives some softness to the front bands).

Gotta go. It might rain at PatternReview Weekend next week and I have to be ready...

* Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy.


  1. Ooooh I love your project in the works - what a cheerful color for a rainy day, just what the doctor ordered! You are going to look great in it. SABLE - LOL, that is a fun problem to have. This is Katharine in Brussels, posting on my husband's computer, BTW...

  2. I too, fear the SABLE, but sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do. ;-) What a cheerful jacket this will be!

  3. I have some Gortex fabric tucked away for the same sort of jacket project as this one but now I regret not having bought some beautiful bright coloured fabric! I am going to make a jacket with it for sure though...I have a couple of patterns - one by Waffle patterns. They have lovely jacket and coat patterns. Sewaholic no longer exists - Tasia has moved into a completely different path :)

  4. Regarding the Minoru, Tasia originally designed it for herself to ride her bike to and from work. Hence no outside pockets (hands are busy) and the hood was unlined and giant to fit over her helmet. Then people liked it, and wanted the pattern, so she took what she had made and created a pattern. Her first patterns were just things for her, so you'll likely find all the sleeves weird. :) I was sad to see her go in a different direction. Her blog posts were so fun, and she had great sewing enthusiasm.

    1. Interesting but no pockets is still a questionable design choice in my opinion. I use my bike jacket pockets all the time!