Friday, June 10, 2016

Some inferior photos from a brilliant day

It got warm enough for me to put the dress on for a quick photo shoot in the backyard. 

My those irises are fascinating!


For my next project I decided to dig out a really old Simplicity skirt pattern, number 5914. Now this one really IS simple. It has only two main pattern pieces - a centre piece and a side panel, and a single facing piece. The thing that makes me a little nervous is that the front and back are the same. And I'm pretty sure that my front and back are not. However we shall see. I'm making it out of a very ancient cotton sateen from deep stash. So it may turn out to be an experiment rather than a skirt.  


  1. It looks great.what a professional job you do with everything. I like your choice of buttons. I spent forever at fabricland yesterday picking mine for the similar placket....a major investment of three dollars, ha.
    Your so physically will be interesting to see your results with the same front and back, it might just work.
    Fingers crossed.
    Till the next time
    Joyce in Sudbury

  2. Beautiful day and wonderful result! I love it!