Sunday, May 15, 2016

Is it spring yet?

Looks pretty subdued here...
I finished something!

It's a jacket. No, it's a cardigan. No, it's both, and it's totally off the beaten track for The Sewing Lawyer, because it is has glitter and sequins. And it's kind of blobby. It is like the most synthetic fake bouclé ever.

But somehow in this little hole in the wall store in Montreal last summer, shopping with the PR crowd, it yelled at me to buy it. So I did. And then it sat in a pile in my sewing room, telling me that it would make a really nice and versatile cardigan to wear with an understated and rather plain dress. Or with jeans and a dark T-shirt.

So I paired it up with some plain dark navy cotton and linen woven. And I made a dress too.

Both patterns are OOP. The jacket is Vogue 9548 which dates back to 1996. I made the sleeveless dress way back before blogging was a thing.

I thought it had definite potential as an unstructured jacket in a not terribly stretchy knit. The sleeves have a darted cap and attach to the cut-in arm holes without much if any easing. I thought I might have to adjust but no, they are quite perfect.

I used the cotton-linen to face and stabilize the front and neck openings. No interfacing. I had to make a facing pattern because the dress is designed to be fully lined to the neck edge. I didn't sew the darts but instead took in the princess seams somewhat at the waist. Easy.

The dress is Simplicity 2927, an OOP Project Runway pattern. I modified it so that the pockets are inside the curved princess seam rather than patch pockets. MUCH nicer.

The only fitting adjustment needed was to take in the side seams above the waist and let them out a tiny bit at the hip.

Oh yes, it has some glitter on it too, and a single matching gold button.

The trim is a curious product from the stash of a local sewing friend who told me she had just the thing to accent this plain dress that would be paired with the flashy jacket. It's a pre-made lamé bias trim, just 1/4" wide, and it's fusible. It stuck to my fabric like nobody's business, and I really hope it doesn't come off in the wash because piercing it with stitches (even in invisible thread) undermines the liquid metal effect.

Apparently it's intended to be a trim on quilts. My friend got several packages of this interesting stuff (plain package) at Dressew in Vancouver for the princely sum of $0.99 (CAD) each. Elsewhere it sells for $18.00 (US). [AARGH "washable when sewn in place"...]

This is why, if you are ever in Vancouver, you should get yourself to Dressew if you possibly can. Take cash and make sure you have plenty of time. Go directly to the basement. You're welcome.


  1. If you're worried about the trim coming off in the wash, it might be worth it to hand blindstitch the edges of the trim on both sides of the fabric. It shouldn't take too long, and it would be practically invisible. The match on that button is inspired.

    1. In fact I'm half way there. I knew I was going to have to...

  2. Ha, I got on to post the exact same suggestion that ParisGrrl did, but evidently you're way ahead! I love the Cardi/jacket and accompanying dress! Both so classic and chic, and can be worn together or separately for many uses. Great job.

  3. what a great look, love that sparkly jacket which I think you could make some fun looks with jeans and a tee or silk shirt. also the dress is great, I have some of that lame binding in my stash - now I am inspired to use it :)

  4. Lovely outfit. Fake and sparkly - nothing wrong with that !

  5. I love the casual style of the jacket. I have managed to get hold of the Vogue 9548 pattern with the intention of making a jacket as you have done. Do you have any sugestions for adjustments I should make and what about sizing issues e.g. is a 1996 size 8 equal to a 2016 size 8? By the way thank you so much for your blog. I have not been well recently and reading all your articles has really helped to take my mind off things a bit.

    1. The sizing should be the same. I suggest cutting out your usual size and basting the seams before deciding on adjustments. For a jacket do as I did and leav the darts unsewn. Good luck!