Saturday, February 13, 2016

The sewcation continues

The swimsuit got its chance to début in the pool. Our coach set up some sprint sets in its honour. Too bad it didn't make me any faster.

In a continuing theme, I made another exercise top, again using the Anne-Marie pattern from Jalie. If you recall, I made this pattern before. That top is in regular rotation but the rest of my workout clothes are getting a little tired. Or maybe I'm just getting a little tired of them. Time to mix it up!

Consider it mixed!

There isn't much to say about this top except:

  • Jeanne of Jalie is a genius. 
  • The fabric (supplex) was purchased in Montreal at PR weekend so many years ago. The stash sewing continues. 
  • The only change I made is to extend the elastic a little bit further up past the princess seam.
  • My coverstitch machine continues to be docile and to do what I want now that I've figured out how little tension is needed on woolly nylon in the looper.
  • I used a stretchier fabric in the build-in bra. The other top (in which the bra is made from two layers of powerstretch) is a little too effective in the compression department. 
  • I would consider combining the side pieces when (not if) I make this again and don't colour block the side panels. 
  • I remembered to adjust the lined upper back for turn of cloth, to let the seams roll naturally to the inside, as you might be able to see in the photo below. The upper edge is edgestitched but not the sides. 

In non-sewing news, my hand knitting project continues apace. I've set myself the task of completing at least 8 rows per day. That amounts to one of the big cable repeats, about 3.5cm. 

My cardigan is now at high hip length (a couple of cables past these photos). The pattern is well named ("Persistence is the key") because the centre back panel requires cabling on every single row. I knit the plain sleeves on my mid-gauge knitting machine. What a relief!

And I finished a dress. But I'll save photos of that for my next post!


  1. Great workout wear, but that sweater is AMAZING! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  2. Busy bee !!!!!!!!!!!! One day, when I will have a sewing room, I might sew as much as you do !! Your top looks great. The fabric match is very nice. See you soon I hope !

  3. Wow aren't you the powerhouse! Gorgeous output as usual, too. :)