Monday, June 15, 2015

Back to regularly scheduled programming...

That speech I copied and pasted into my blog two weeks ago on the spur of the moment sort of went viral. Evidently there are a lot of quilters out there, although as many commenters said, the sentiments are relevant to all sorts of sewing/knitting enthusiasts. Welcome to the new readers who might not previously have visited The Sewing Lawyer! I hope you stick around...

In other news, I made some pants!

Actually two pairs. I had enough fabric for a long pair and these pedal-pushers. The pockets and waistband facing are more leftovers from the cotton woven I used to line my coat.

It's more efficient, but more boring too, to make two almost identical pairs at once.

I used my Featherweight and some caramel coloured upholstery thread for the topstitching.

I also cut a shirt out of the same cotton - but haven't put it together yet. That's for a future post.

The pants. Jalie 2908. I *almost* have it down pat. If I have a pair handy, I refer to it instead of the pattern instructions for the fly construction. (Don't we all sew while partially undressed?)

Except for the waistband. I use a two piece curved waistband from another pair of jeans - an ancient Burda magazine pattern. It's too long and I have to adjust it every single time I make these, but I find I have to adjust it differently every time based on the fabric so I've decided to just live with it being too long. Better too long than too short I say!

I used a snap rather than jeans button at the waist because I hoped to avoid fuss (buttonhole) but destroyed several snap parts because evidently, I lack the proper tool to attach snaps properly.

What is the proper tool for setting in snaps anyway?


  1. Highly recommend both their snaps and snap setters. All you need is a hammer.

  2. These are fun, and fit you really well. Loved reading the judges speech!

  3. I always seem to sew without my right shoe!

  4. This year I bought a Prym snap setting tool. It makes a hole first,then you put the snap in it and squeeze. Presto!!! Perfect every time. Life altering. How I have sewed for 40 years without one is beyond me. I have a very expensive sewing machine and yet button holes still #!*%# up. I am now snap happy!

  5. I adore your pedal pushers! Look great. As for's the tool! My tools are a metal meat tenderizer, a wooden bread board, and several sets of those metal tops and bottoms that you hammer onto. Ha! I do have a really nice geared press for button snaps. Got it from Sailrite, it will set a snap through anything!

  6. Super cool and they fit you so nicely. Ok one day, I might make jeans. but I will have to draft a pattern with a low rise waistband. The fabric look great !

  7. These look great. I have been looking at snap setting tools, too, and it seems there is quite a variety depending on the type and size of snap, and the quantity of snap setting that you want to do. Really? I just want to use snaps instead of buttons sometimes....
    I'm about to try the Silhouette capri pattern, so hopefully it turns out as nicely as yours!

  8. Amazed how you managed to put such a nice pants together, wish I was that handy