Sunday, July 6, 2014

A long tunic top

Yes, a long tunic top is what I need to wear with these.

I suppose the basic fit is better, but as usual a different fabric (lots more stretchy recovery in this RPL doubleknit) makes a world of difference to the garment.

There is still a bit of extra length in the back.  Sigh.

For my next sewing trick I'm going to try Vogue 1385.  I was drawn to this pattern when it first came out, and a couple of prolific bloggers (Margy and Shams) have made truly wonderful garments from it.  I love the pleated neck and sleeves, and the raglan sleeve seams in back.

I'm using this fabric.  It's a fuzzy yarn (probably acrylic) embroidered on a silk (chiffon?) background. I threw caution to the winds and cut it out without testing the fit first.

I'll use silk organza instead of self-fabric for the facings.

I'm hoping for a nice looking but light weight topper for the rest of the summer.


  1. I love the pattern and the fabric. I can't wait to see the final product. Very brave to sew without a muslin. I am too nervous about fit, and the possibility of wasting my fabric to sewing without a muslin.

  2. I love that fabric, and that style is so you! I'm sure it will turn out beautifully. Sometimes it's just time to work without a net. That can be when the magic happens.

  3. Good progress on the pants, you tweaks are making a difference.

    That fabric will be terrific with that neckline, great choice! I can't wait to see how the fit is.

  4. I like the pants -- they look super comfy -- and I'm all about long tunics and knit shirts as well! Wonderful work so far!