Saturday, June 21, 2014

There's a reason for my delayed progress

The Sewing Lawyer was in Iceland!  Literally, it's the land of fire and ice.

Gunnuhver geothermal area - Reykjanes peninsula
Hiking on the Falljjökull in south Iceland
At Jökulsárlón in Southeast Iceland

In between it also boasts beautiful canyons, unbelievable waterfalls and bathtub temperature rivers.  My camera was my constant companion.  It's a very photogenic place!




Behind Seljalandfoss - human being for scale

Relaxing in the warm river at Reykjadalur
But now I'm back.  With a deadline to produce my version of Vogue 1233.  

I've had the fabric in stash for a long time.  It was a Fabric Flea Market find and is of undetermined content, although I am betting on a linen blend.  It creases and it frays. A lot of both.  

But it's very pretty.  I think I haven't used it all these years because I was conflicted about the right v. wrong side.  I am pretty sure that the originator of this fabric intended the greener side to face outwards, but to me it looked like not very likeable upholstery. 
I'm favouring the reverse, where the green is in the background and mysterious rich browns dominate. There is a large pattern repeat and I spent too long contemplating where the diamond motifs should land on my body.  Or maybe not long enough.  I am pretty sure that the beautifully matched large diamond on my belly is less obvious in real life. 
As for fit, I decided to shorten the entire dress by 1 cm above the waist.  This was so obvious but I didn't see it until I read through all the very helpful comments.  Thanks to everyone who weighed in!  Re girth, I decided to adjust on the fly rather than go to a smaller size.  I've decided that the front fits well enough (except for that odd wrinkle in the front shoulder area - which I think I will attack with some interfacing). However, I need to take the entire CB in above the waist.  This is such a constant issue; I guess I should just face up to my narrow back.  

Next step - the collar and facings.


  1. Wonderful pictures and stories! I went to Iceland for work in 95 and loved it. I would definitely welcome a trip back!

    Thanks for sharing with us -- new project looking very very good -- I didn't even notice the diamond until you pointed it out and it's hard to see. No worries!

  2. What beautiful scenery! A very refreshing post for us in the deep south and hovering about 90+ degrees F. Your dress is looking good.

  3. Love your Iceland pictures. What a special destination!

    Your dress is lovely and I like the side you picked. I have the narrow back issue as well and often cut a smaller size for the back than the front. It is challenging.

  4. Iceland, not a place I have ever thought of going. Looks very cold but interesting. Great photos! The dress is coming along nicely.

  5. It is like going to another planet! Love the fabric.

  6. Well, don't you look 150% the adventuress! Wonderful landscape, imagine living on a mid-oceanic spine between two continental plates. BTW, I have a little burr oak with D's name on it.... he better claim it before the snows fly. And you'll have to advise me on a MOB dress I must complete before the next 6 weeks elapse.

  7. I´ve been following your blog for some time and love it, you are very talented. So it was a pleasant surprice to see that you had visited my country. Greetings from Iceland :)