Friday, May 2, 2014

Knitting progress

I've cast off the body as you can see at left.  This is shorter than the pattern intended - I like this length for a close-fitting top.  And besides, I didn't have enough yarn to make it longer AND have sleeves.

I shaped the body by decreasing at the sides rather than next to the lace panel.  I'm happy with the fit.

I used a new (to me) stretchy cast-off.  It's called (not surprisingly) "Elastic Bind Off" and it's one of the stretchy ways to finish off your knitting in the book Cast On Bind Off - 54 step-by-step methods by Leslie Ann Bestor.  I'm impressed with this method.  It's easy, and produces a very smooth and neat edge which is, as advertised, pretty stretchy.

After finishing the body, I weighed the yarn and have exactly 60g left, which means I can use 30g for each sleeve.  I'm guessing they will be at least elbow-length.

Ravelry page is here.


  1. You are one fast knitter! Love the pattern knitted in.

  2. I like the lace panel. There must be something going one. I see knitting all overnights place. I'm getting ready to pick up my needles.

  3. It's beautiful. You're doing a fabulous job!