Monday, April 21, 2014


There's an extremely elegant knitter on Ravelry who has the most lovely white hair and knits a lot in grey.  It looks fabulous.  For many years, I never even considered wearing that "colour" (if it really is one).  But recently I've taken to it.

I have made two grey suits - the Akris knock off from the summer of 2011 and my most recent tailored creation.  I'm enjoying both of them quite a lot.

And now The Sewing Lawyer has made another pair of comfy but hopefully not unattractive stretch pants in ... grey.

They are the same as the black ones.  Which I wear all the time.

So far I have had them on three days in a row, including for two very serious meals.  They remained very comfortable throughout.

And, in knitting news, I'm working on a grey top!  It's the Windswept Pullover.  I will keep knitting until my yarn runs out. I only have 300g of my yarn, which is 70% baby Llama and 30% Italian mulberry silk. (Yum!) I'm going to block it so the lace panels along the neck line lie straight.

Stay tuned to find out if it will have short or 3/4 length sleeves.  Ravelry notes are here.


  1. I love gray - yoru grays are goegeous!

  2. I heart grey. I have to stop buying grey fabric because my entire wardrobe would be grey!!!

    Love all of it. That sweater is looking pretty good!

  3. Grey is my neutral for my work wardrobe. More flattering than black. Love your two suits.

  4. These are great pieces and like Vicki I love grey for a neutral in my wardrobe. It works really well with brights like lavender and red! Your pieces are fabulous!

  5. Curious - do you find the waistband stays in place or does it roll down? I love these pants! Good for you for discovering them under the flowing top.

    1. The waistband behaves nicely. I recommend this pattern!