Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holy lapels, Batman!

This, people, is a muslin of Burda 7576.

My alterations To Do List (in no particular order):

  • lower bust point
  • increase waist circumference slightly
  • shorten bodice above waist by about .5"
  • shorten sleeves (get rid of ridiculous pointy cuff objects)
  • further reduce length at CF by folding a horizontal wedge from nothing at armscye to approx .5" at leading edge of lapels
  • lengthen peplum by about 1"
  • reduce overall size of collar and lapels
It's looking better already, even though I've only pinned out some of my planned changes.

In other news, thank you so much for your input on my next knitting project.  I tallied the votes and swatched away with my chosen yarn and realized that it was too thick for both of the leading candidates!  

So I changed gears.  I am now making this.  It's Ratana by Carol Feller.  I plan for mine to have more of an overlap so I won't have to clutch it to myself, as the model is doing.  

The back is quite lovely too.  

This pattern calls for aran weight yarn, which is what I have.  The other patterns call for worsted weight, which is a smidge lighter.

Here's an in-progress shot of the back and right sleeve.  After I wash the oil out of the yarn, it will be a lot fluffier. The lace pattern is not exactly a relaxing knit, but the rows add up fast enough.  


  1. A few pin- tweaks on your muslin certainly made a huge difference ~ and your cardi pattern is gorgeous. Mind you, it would also annoy me no end having to clutch the front like the model ... J

  2. Oh wow on those lapels, and the cuffs seem out of place.
    Love the lace stitching on that sweater, your pace is amazing!

  3. Ha! Those lapels really make a statement!

    I love this knitting project - it's really beautiful!

  4. I made this jacket up earlier this year (actually the entire outfit), and I added two more buttons. This significantly reduced the gaping at the bust. I also made the pocket flaps and collar smaller. I also got rid of the pointy cuffs. It made a really nice jacket. Good luck!

  5. Whoa baby. Those are some amazing wings on those lapels. Object lesson for all those who eschew making a muslin! After your alterations, however, it looks so much better already.

  6. Yes, huge lapels indeed, and on your small frame not suitable. I'd remove the cuffs too. So unneeded on a jacket.

  7. It's a pretty sweater, and yes, why would you want to have to hold it closed? There was a gorgeous winter coat from Celine last year that had no closure. Why would you want to walk around holding your coat closed?
    It's interesting that the deep neckline causes issues even on your small busted figure when I would expect it only on a fuller bust. Once the changes are made this will be very flattering.

  8. Well, I like this very much, good choice! I can't wait to see the finished project. BTW, your post about swatching has made me a convert. Back in my youthful knitting days I almost always skipped this step, for the reasons you outlined, but I'm going to do it from now on! I can see the value of it more clearly.

  9. I just realized I didn't mention what I was commenting on. The sweater, obviously! I am not a sewer, but I definitely approve of your alteration plans for the jacket! Those are some giant lapels and cuffs!

  10. I suspect the model doesn't live in a cold place, hence the narrow overlap on the cardigan.

    I found your blog on the Sewintists map and I couldn't find a different way to contact you -sorry to leave my note here. I'll be visiting Ottawa​ in February and I was wondering if you could recommend any cool places to check sewing stuff. Or any other cool/funky/fun stuff I should see?
    Thank you,