Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finishitis #1

The Yarn Harlot (funny knitting blog, amusing even for non-knitters) writes of "startitis" in which a knitter compulsively casts on for multiple projects at a time rather than calmly working on and finishing those already in process.  I'm sure there is a version for sewing, although perhaps it is a bit less common.  I think I've had the knitting version in a mild dose.

Is there an opposite condition?  Finishitis, finishista, finish-it-up-itis?  Whatever, there is nothing like the high that comes from a week during which multiple projects were finished.  To wit:  one blouse, one pair of cropped pants, and one cardigan.  Or by category:  sewing (2); knitting (1).  It doesn't sound so grand when I go by the numbers, does it - kind of disappointing.  However, I refuse to be dejected.

Because it is cool and wet here today, I am not quite up to modelling all my new pieces as they are very summery.  However, a couple of days ago I took pictures of my first-to-be-finished item, a modern take on my personal "vintage" pattern, Vogue 2281.

This pattern is from the late 1970s, really almost the 1980s, hence the very loose, fits-where-it-touches silhouette.  In those days I always bought size 8, and I made this up completely unaltered except to shorten it since there is absolutely no need for a shirt that I can sit on.

The fabric is very smooth and light (silk-cotton).  I interfaced with silk organza and I'm proud of the completely finished interior of this shirt.  To the right, you can see the encased lower seam of the pockets (built into the yoke) and the finished edge of the facing.

Except for sewing on the buttons, the shirt is entirely done by machine.  The hem is a machined baby hem.

This is the easiest possible finish, and it's very light and secure for a fine fabric.  Turn up the raw edge a small amount and run a line of machine stitching very close to the fold.  Then trim the edge close to the stitching.  Then turn it up once more, and stitch again on top of the first stitching.

All materials are from my stash, including the perfectly coloured buttons.


  1. It is always good to get some things off the to do list. I bet the shirt will feel great on a hot day.

  2. Oh dear. I have a serious case of sewing startitis at the moment. At least now I have a diagnosis. LOL. What a great summery blouse. Yay for finishing projects. I know what you mean about a week where both sewing and knitting projects get finished (as I guiltily look at the bag of fully knit parts of a stuffed animal rabbit for my nephew that just needs to be sewn together).

  3. Knitters have such cute names for everything! I find I reach the height of my "finish-itis" around New Year, and I power through half-finished projects like I'm purging. Then everything accrues over the year again of course, but I always feel very satisfied to begin with.

  4. Love the fact that all of the pieces for this wonderful top came from your stash!