Friday, November 30, 2012


Wow, it was a year ago (minus one day) that I debuted the idea of refashioning this gigantic mohair sweater. What a hideous garment!

This thing sat around all summer, and through the fall, and in the end, it was a few hours of work.

Now it's a relatively sleek cowl/turtle neck, courtesy of Burda Magazine.

I used pattern #104 from the September, 2012 issue.

It's one of those sleeper patterns.  A great basic that's hidden behind other less interesting garments.  Like this jumper.

There was tons of room for the body pieces.  But it is a lucky thing that my arms are short.  The pattern has much higher sleeve caps than the original, dropped shoulder, design.

Sleeve cuffs use the original hem
I used the stockinette face of the knitted fabric.  This had been the wrong side of the original sweater.  Part of the long delay in getting this project done was caused by my worrying about the original hems which sported a few rows of 2x2 rib, then a stockinette section that rolled to the outside.  Switching faces meant that this section would be reverse stockinette that would roll to the inside.  Now I'm wondering why I thought this wouldn't look just fine.

For the turtleneck collar, I used the width of the original front hem, which was about the height of the collar Burda called for.  It rolls to the inside too.  Doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I constructed the entire thing on my serger.  The fabric is ethereal.  


  1. Love it! Talk about taking a lose to a win. Brava!

  2. Great transformation! So much nicer, and far more wearable now that it fits! You're so right about some of the Burda patterns. I'd seen that turtleneck but didn't take much notice of it, probably because the colours and fabric aren't me. But it looks totally different in the navy mohair. Terrific job!

  3. great refashioning - I too am just making something out of a kaftan (unwanted gift).

  4. This is brilliant! I've just started thinking that it's worth my limited sewing time to refashion garments that have grown to be unloved. This is a fashionable "new" sweater. I have passed on to you the One Lovely Blog award, if you would like the button it is here

  5. Hi! My name is Maddie Flanigan and I am the blogger behind Madalynne ( I stumbled onto your sight a couple of nights ago when I was researching bra making and I can't tell you how much your posts on bra making helped me! I wanted to reach out, introduce myself, and say thank you! Oh, and happy holidays!