Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is really boring

However, it seems necessary to document the completion of my brown canvas "boxes", since (surprisingly) so many of you expressed interest in this very utilitarian project.

Without further ado.

Box open and stocked with my white interfacing collection.  There's room for more!  (The sides are just propped open, they are not stiffened even slightly).

Box flaps closed over contents.

Boxes in situ.

They are squashier than you may have expected.  I decided against getting all fancy with closures and labels.  The flaps will stay down.  Gravity is my friend.  And decorating the flap with a small square of the type of stuff inside is quite a graphic reminder.

Sadly, I still need a plastic bag or two up there.

I could make more, but I am going to do something more interesting instead.  At least I won't be at risk of an interfacing avalanche when standing at my cutting table.


  1. Great idea! I like that they're soft, so they don't actually take up more room than necessary

  2. Very nice, Kay--yes, it's a utilitarian project, but it also spiffs up the sewing space.

  3. Nothing wrong with practical!

  4. I really like what you did with these. Practical and good looking AND solves the problem. (Oh, I how I can relate to the slippery stuff falling off EVERY time you look for something else.)

  5. Hmmmm...these would really work for me in the space between my cabinets and the ceiling...hmmmm

  6. Saw these on your Flickr feed and had to come find the post about them. Great idea! Yes, they're utilitarian, but they're INTERESTING utilitarian. I can see being very happy with some of these. You may find you've started a trend. :)

  7. I can't do anything like that, sadly, since my old house has mice. If whatever isn't in plastic tubs, they'll nest in it. Lost a drawer full of cashmere sweaters to them. (Luckily, the sweaters were all thrift shop finds, but still...)