Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Idea overload

I'm in major future-potential-project muslin mode so I have nothing to show.

First, I'm trying to fix my Material Things jacket muslin.  I took it apart and trimmed the pattern an obscene amount before putting it back together, but it is still too big!  I figure I'll be down to a size 0 in the MT size chart before long, which is just ridiculous.  I am going to make a muslin of the Burda leather jacket too, as I'm still not sure if the MT pattern is what I want to make.

I muslined another jacket, an unlined sort-of-safari jacket Burda envelope pattern from the 1990s.  I made this pattern way back when but no longer have the garment, and I wanted to check the armscyes (yes, they were too low on the body for my current taste in fit).  I've got some crepey woven wool earmarked for it, and lining to do Hong Kong finished seams.

I want to make a dress to wear with the jacket. I was going to reprise a sheath dress made from a much-tweaked Pattern Master Boutique pattern but then got the bright idea to try the other Kay Unger dress (Vogue 1183) instead.  It's a real fabric miser and I have only 1.2 metres of the softest, finest Zegna wool...

Oh yeah, I also had to go back to work.  Less time for sewing.  Phooey.


  1. So much for swearing off Material Things ;-D
    That Kay Unger dress is perfect for you! You are going to talk me into getting that Pattern Master yet.

  2. I like that Kay Unger dress (I have that pattern too). Would make great work frock under a jacket,

  3. Work?! oh l'horreur! Pauvre p'tite toi!

  4. What a lot of great ideas. Kay Unger gave us a couple of fantastic dresses, didn't she? I love that one just as much as the other one you sewed.
    Too bad about that Material Things jacket. I like the lines a lot, but the burda is good too.

    It is easy to go into 'idea-overload'!