Sunday, July 4, 2010

Next up - another jacket

Recently I bought some ponte de roma knit (a stable double knit) from Fabricland, to coordinate with my Simplicity 2369 mock wrap dress.  It's a teal-ish turquoise in colour, and I believe the fabric is RPL (rayon/polyester/lycra).  I thought to make the jacket from Simplicity 3631 again but then had a brainwave or perhaps a sort of heat-stroke (I'll tell you later which, once it starts turning out well or badly) and changed my mind.

I have had this Donna Karan pattern (Vogue 2942) in my stash since it was released but almost immediately wondered what I had been thinking, so hadn't touched it.  Seems like it wasn't a big hit because it's now listed as OOP on the Vogue website, and only one brave soul has reviewed the jacket on PatternReview.  Now that I look at the review, I'm wondering if I should have actually muslined this before cutting....

The style is very interesting but the finishing details are quirky and not really me, I thought.  The details are hard impossible to see on the pattern envelope photo, but the pockets and hem edges are bound from the wrong side and the binding (raw edge finished with small zig-zag) encases a bias strip (raw edges) of contrasting lighter fabric.

I happen to have a thin burnout knit fabric in a slightly darker tone than my ponte de roma which will curl interestingly when inserted in this way and do fine as the lighter belt/tie.  I'm omitting the lining but will do Hong Kong finish with the same thin knit fabric.  This fabric combination is completely different than imagined by Vogue - mine will be a sort of sweatshirt version of their very elegant all-silk affair.

Here's hoping it will work - fingers crossed.


  1. I have this pattern too and wondered what I was thinking after I got it! The dress is not for my figure, but I liked the jacket and since I have some rpl double knit I am looking forward to seeing how this works out for you.

  2. You know, this jacket has really fabulous details, but not really easy so maybe it scared people off?

  3. At least the lone review is interesting and informative. Your colors and the detail of the trim sound interesting, I am sure that your results will be fabulous.

  4. I love, no I LOVE working with ponte. I've not seen this pattern before, so will follow with interest.

  5. This is a neat looking jacket pattern - I really like the details. The colours you are using sound nice and I look forward to seeing your results. I can also imagine this nautical style!